Professional Talents – Career Grants

The aim of Career Grants is to attract researchers from abroad for Austria’s application-oriented research. The grant supports researchers in changing their location, in order to start or to continue a research career in Austria.

Career Grants are targeted cost support measures for researchers who live abroad to travel to Austria for job interviews, the relocation to Austria and the professional integration of a partner.

Description of target audience

Individual researchers who live abroad and are interested in a career or continuing their career in the research location of Austria (and partners who relocate with them).

Information for researchers

Funding applicants must have an academic degree. Proof of at least a Master’s degree is required.
The FFG must receive the funding applications:

  • before the researcher departs for the interview
  • before the researcher relocates to Austria and starts work

Funding includes:

  • Travel costs to and from Austria for job interviews in the field of research, development and innovation for researchers living abroad (Interview Grant).
  • Relocation costs when taking up a post in the field of research, development and innovation (Relocation Grant).
  • The professional integration of a qualified partner when a researcher living abroad relocates to Austria (Dual Career Grant).

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