COMET Compentence Centers for Excellent Technologies - Success Stories COMET Centres (K1)

On this page you find Succcess Stories of the programme line COMET Centres (K1).


K1 Centres - 4th Call

ACMIT - Austrian Center for Medical Innovation and Technology
Robot technology helps to increase safety and efficiency of vitreoretinal surgery

FFoQSI - Austrian Competence Centre for Feed and Food Quality, Safety and Innovation
King Oyster Mushrooms deliver valuable raw materials for delicious and safe food
Determination of the provenance of sturgeon caviar

CDP - Austrian Center for Digital Production
Flexible safety networks

Pro2Future - Products and Production Systems of the Future
Industry 4.0 at production plants - first results of CoExCo

SBA-K1 - SBA Research gGmbH
SmartForensics: LEAP

PCCL - K1-Center in Polymer Engineering and Science
Smart polymers for self-healing and recycling strategies

VRVis - K1 Centre for Visual Computing
Virtual reality fire safety training
A new tool for a holistic archaeological analysis
Artificial intelligence for radiology


K1 Centres - 3rd Call

ASSIC - Austrian Smart Systems Integration Research Center
Photonic sub-atom resolution characterization of dynamic high-frequency micro-systems
Audibly better with heterogeneous integration
TFAPTM characterization at high pressures and high temperatures
A new tool for the simulation of micro-acoustic devices
Magnetic Multimedia Interface
Innovative Statistical Method for Time-Efficient and Robust Modeling of Computer Experiments
Powerful Analytics for Speed Sensing Technology
High-Accuracy Exhaust Analysis for Automobiles
Raman Micro-Spectrometry as a Key Tool for Development and Process Control in Modern Semiconductor Manufacturing

BE2020_2.0 - Bioenergy 2020+
The everlasting burning candle …
Microalgae can replace maize in biogas plants
Innovative model based control strategy for biomass steam boilers
New fuels for gasification
The virtual biomass fired boiler
Optimisation of post-consumer and demolition wood value chains
Further use of ash after energetic utilization of biomass
New fuels create new challenges
The candle burns for eternity – part 2
„beReal“ – Quality becomes visible
Diesel derived from wood – One Barrel per Day plant in Güssing
Emission reduction at biomass combustion plants by modular CO-lambda-optimization
Utilisation of CO2 from industry

CBmed - Austrian COMET K1 Center for Biomarker Research
Biomarkers for Clinical Decision Support in Intensive Care
FUSION Technology - A Systems Biology Approach Towards Predictive Biomarkers for Relapse Risk in Stage II Colon Cancer
CBmed initiate Core Labs for Biomarker Research
Eukaryotic translation initiation factors to individualize treatment in colon cancer patients
Language technologies unlock clinical data for biomarker research

CEST - CEST Kompetenzzentrum für elektrochemische Oberflächentechnologie GmbH
Biosensors for clinical and environmental applications

K1-MET - Competence center for Excellent Technologies in Advanced Metallurgical and Environmental Process Development
Evaluation of uncertainty factors in metallurgical process operation
Experimental simulation of surface crack formation in continuous casting
P1.2 - reducing agents
The melting and dissolution behaviour of scrap during the LD converter process
Effect of alkali metals on lumpy iron carriers
Revealing the source of clogging
Thermomechanical modelling of Continuous Casting
From an idea to full scale pilot-plant and further
Impact of creep on the thermomechanical behavior of refractory linings
Computer models for industrial furnace plants
Briquetting of coking coal blends for use in a coking plant
Recurrence CFD - next-generation simulation methods
Optimization of the secondary cooling zone of the continuous casting process
New strategies for blast furnace raceway monitoring
Investigation of mold slag crystallization under near service conditions
Development of a setup to perform creep tests on carbon containing refractories
Phosphorus removal and metal recovery from BOF-slags
Flowstructure investigation on a tundish with a line sparger

KNOW - Know-Center - Research Center for Data-driven Business
WOTAN-IT-Monitoring: Making massive amounts of data usable for business analytics
Understanding and supporting e-book search and annotation via tag recommendation
E-mobility and big data - optimized data utilization of charging operations
ScaR - Scalable recommender framework
Fast Language Learning: Being Able to Manage Projects in a Foreign Language within Two Months
Studo Matchmaking Recommender – Recommendation platform for personalized job ads for students
“Gone in 30 Days!” Predictions for Car Import Planning

LEC EvoLET - LEC Evolutionary Large Engines Technology for the Next Generation of Gas and Dual Fuel Engines
Sustainable power plants of the future
Smart bearing technology for the digital engine future

RCPE - Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering GmbH
Technology partnership RCPE - Perceptive
When seeing the big picture pays off
Texan Pharmaceutical Company Evestra Performs Research in the Field of Female Health in Graz
Printable Medicine
RCPE Welcomes Its First Spin-Off
Breeding Ground for Entrepreneurship
Simulation of Mixing and Solution Processes in Pharmaceutical Production
RCPE receives major order contract from Bosch Packaging Technology
RCPE opens unique Pilot Plant
Strategic Cooperation with CMAC
One Step Closer to Reality - RCPE, AVL and PSE intensify cooperation

SCCH - Software Competence Center Hagenberg
Smart combination
Analysis of the core
No Nanoparticle shall evade us!

WOOD - Wood: next generation materials and processes - from fundamentals to implementations
Crosslinked lignosulfonate as biobased material of the future
Soft, softer, softest. New method to determine softness of tissue, textile, and nonwovens products.
Environmental assessment of bio-fibre reinforced composites during the innovation process – Life cycle analysis and Upscaling
New resins for old papers
Resin distribution in wood composites clarified
Accompanying environmental and techno-economic assessments of lignin-based resins during the innovation process
A robust and simple extraction method for process effluents by solid phase extraction
Innovation in Renewable energy - Rotor blades from hemp-based composites
Hybrid NFC with Excellent Impact Strength
Knowledge on cold tack reduces failure in plywood production 


K1 Centres - 2nd Call

ACMIT - Austrian Center for Medical Innovation and Technology
Objective hand hygiene control
Design of Medical Devices Europe 2015
Simulator for intraocular lens implants contributes to optimized vision quality based on individual parameters
Usability engineering and testing for medical device development

alpS - Center for Climate Change Adaptation
W03 EnerWater – energy efficiency in drinking water and wastewater cycles
Alpbach: Future role model for competitive, sustainable and energy-optimized alpine tourism
AdaptInfra – remote sensing and monitoring of inaccessible slopes in mountain regions
Future water availability: The project MUSICALS
Attic Adapt 2050: on top of social housing innovative, fast and climate-friendly attic extension
CCID II – Information Extraction from LiDAR Pointclouds for forest assessment

PCCL - K1-Center in Polymer Engineering and Science
The Cyclic CRB Test as new international standard

SBA2 - SBA Research - K1
Poison Information Center (VIZ)
Data Cube: Nessus-Based Vulnerability Analysis
10 years of ARES - Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security
SBA Accelerator Program for Start-ups and Start Secure Competition 2015
Poisoning Information Centre – Case Documentation and Analysis

VRVis - VRVis K1 Centre for Visual Computing
Augmented Reality Sound Simulation
Decision-making through interactive infrastructure visualization
LiteVis – Simplifying complex decisions in lighting design


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