COMET Compentence Centers for Excellent Technologies

On this page you find Succcess Stories of the programme line COMET-Centres (K2).


COMET-Centres (K2) - 3rd Call

A measuring device for fast and accurate data acquisition for applications of electromagnetic tomography

K2 Digital Mobility
Direct evaporative battery cooling increases safety of e-vehicles

MCL researcher receives highly endowed EU Research Award
Fine blanking with hard metal tools
Improved hard coating systems for efficient machining of aerospace materials
Runner Up FloTHERM ΔTJ Award 2018 goes to Materials Centre Leoben
New material models for the simulation of refractory linings


K2 Centres - 2nd Call

ACIB - Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology
Key for citric acid production discovered
Real-time monittoring for manufacturing processes of biopharmaceuticals
Assessment of karyotype variation of Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells
Biocatalytic concept for the demethylation of methylphenylethers and their reversible formation
Agriculture with microorganisms – Bodyguards for precious seeds
Epigenome Characterization of Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) Cells
Novel Metabolic Pathway in Biotech Yeast Discovered
Continuous Purification of Next-Generation Antibody Therapeutics
Yeast Exit - Shedding light on the mystery of protein secretion in Pichia pastoris
Suitability of pre-packed chromatography columns for purification of biopharmaceuticals
Gram-scale Enzymatic Synthesis of Phosphorylated Sugars
Plastic bags that cannot breathe

XTribology - Excellence Center of Tribology
From lab to prototype – Development environment established for rail industry
The silent bearing – Our little “everyday helper”
The Steel Industry – an Extreme Workplace for Lubricants
Tracking microscopic particles
24/7, 365 days a year – conveyor belts under extreme conditions
Lab-2-Field development environment for service life prediction
Innovative manufacturing of worm wheels for spindle jacks
Close to the end of liquid lubricants?
10,000 km per day - With high-speed to used oil
From deep sea to high mountains: Steel ropes under extreme conditions

K2 Centres - 1st Call

ACCM - Center for Symbiotic Mechatronics
High Resolution 3D Radar Sensor
Cost- and time savings with structured analysis methods
Optimization of Hybrid Drives for Public Transport
“Listening pays off” is true both in life and measurement technology
Statistical Behaviour Analysis of Livestock Animals
Let the robot do the work!
Energy and Cost Efficient Valve Testing Device
Detecting Wear for Spindles and Ball Screws Drives of an Injection Molding Machine
New technique for iron loss modeling increases accuracy of computation by an order of magnitude
Orientation Estimation in the Woods
Modeling Devolatilization in Single- and Multi-Screw Extruders
Cost-effective and high quality steel production

K2Mobility - K2 Digital Mobility - Context-Embedded Vehicle Technologies
VIRTUAL VEHICLE gains millions for EU projects in Styria
Combined safety systems in vehicles: the integrated safety toolchain
Efficient development of whole vehicles

MPPE - Integrated Computational Materials, Process and Product Engineering
Novel characterization techniques for coatings
Cutting simulations for better cutting tools
Development of intelligent production facilities
Novel test for characterizing interface strengths in Printed Circuit Boards
Parts for future aircrafts


Dipl.-Ing. Otto Starzer
Dipl.-Ing. Otto Starzer
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Mag. Ingrid Fleischhacker
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Julia Bissenberger
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Mag. Nicole Firnberg
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Barbara Kunz
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Adelheid Merkl
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Dipl.-Ing. Budiono Nguyen
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DI Reingard Repp
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