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On this page you find Succcess Stories of the programme line COMET-Projects.


COMET-Projects - 7th Call

CAMed - Clinical Additive Manufacturing for Medical Applications
Medical 3D-printing lab was opened as part of CAMed at the Medical University of Graz

D4Dairy - Digitalisation, Data Integration, Detection and Decision support in Dairying
D4Dairy unites Partners to implement digitalization in the milk value chain

DiMo - Digital Motion in Sports, Fitness and Well-being
Prototyping of sensors in sensor notworks: The DiMo Sensorhub

PSSP - Photonic Sensing for Smarter Processes
The Sound of Metals: Ultrasound for Micro-Structure-Characterisation

Smart@Surface - Advanced Sensors, Materials, Actuators, Reactive User Interfaces and Illumination Technologies for Smart Object Surfaces
Genuine leather user interface enables a novel control panel for the auomotive industry

TextileUX Project - Imperceptible Textile Interfaces
RESI: a highly flexible, pressuresensitive, imperceptible textile interface based on resistive yarns


COMET-Projects - 6th Call

CCFLOW - Center for Continuous Flow Synthesis and Processing
Connecting Primary and Secondary Pharmaceutical Manufacture
Waste Greenhouse Gas Converted into Useful Synthetic Building Block in 3D Printed Stainless Steel Reactor

DeSSnet - Dependable, secure and time-aware sensor networks
ZOMBILOAD: The news CPU vulnerability
Fast Wireless Two Dimensional Object Tracking

Flippr² - Future Lignin and Pulp Processing Research PROCESS INTEGRATION
Proof of concept: separation of fines from virgin pulp by means of a pressure screen

PolyTherm - Polymers for Thermally Demanding Applications
Gradient Composites: Tailor-Made Variation of Material Properties

ReWaste4.0 - Recycling and Recovery of Waste 4.0
Analytical determination of recyclable portion of SRF in cement industry
Waste Management 4.0 - Creating added value along the whole economic chain

SafeBattery - Safe Lithium-Based Traction Batteries
Equivalent Vibration Life Expectancy Profile for Lithium-Ion-Batteries
Safe batteries through homogenous materials
Safety of pre-loaded Li-Ion battery cells in a crash

tccv - Textile Competenzce Center Vorarlberg
Biodegradable polymer for geotextile applications
Mass customised leggings
Technical embroidery - a revolution in textile reinforced concrete

WoodC.A.R. - Wood - Computer Aided Research
Electric driven caterpillar vehicle


COMET-Projects - 5th Call

ADDA - Advancement of Dairying in Austria
Bacteriological milk testing in the RDV
Light into the dark – Clarification of data protection law in cattle breeding
Individual differences in lipolysis in dairy cows early postpartum and identification of characteristic metabolites
Added value of data exchange on dairy farms using the example of bacteriological milk examination
Light into the dark – Clarification of data protection law in cattle breeding
Bacteriological milk testing in the RDV
Science2business Award
Identification of a phytogenic product to minimize metabolic disorders in the rumen of dairy cows
From Science to practice

AEDA - Advanced Engineering Design Automation
Automated model transformation for mid-surface generation
Structured Procedure for Design Automation Potential Identification
Optimized Motion Planning for a Materials Handling Robot Realizing Space-Efficient Feedbacks in the Material Flow of Production Plants
Automated Optimisation of Box-Type Booms of Ship Cranes
Automatic CAD Feature-Based Computation of Work Planning

DEXHELPP - Decison Support for Health Policy and Planning: Methods, Models and Technologies based on existing health care data
How sick is Austria? – Atlas of Epidemiology based on different data sources
A Generic Population Model (GEPOC)
Secure sharing of sensitive data in a controlled environment: the DEXHELPP Research Services

ECO-PowerDrive2 - Emission & Fuel Consumption Reduction of Small Propulsion Systems under Real World Conditions
Component test bench Fuel Aging
Emission measurement device for Two-Wheeler

HOPL - Heuristic Optimization in Production and Logistics
An optimization network for solving complex production processes
Virtual Design of Tribological Systems using Data-based Models

imPACts - Industrial Methods for Process Analytical Chemistry – From Measurement Technologies to Information Systems
Beer quality is going non-linear
One in a million – an easy task for the Laser
Proteins in the Focus of Laser Spectroscopy
Fully automated process control – powered by Infrared Spectroscopy
Chemical maps in HD
Levitated viscosity sensing – compact & in line
The scientific world visiting Austria
All-in-one: a new perspective on bioprocesses

JOIN - K-Projekt Network of Excellence for Metal JOINing
Improvements in Virtual Reality Welding Education
Using the novel "Focus Wobbling" technique to supress the formation of hot-cracks in the fusion zone of a 9% Cr-steel
Innovative welding processes for ultra high strength steels
3D modelling of linear friction welded chains
An atmospherical plasma sprayed interlayer
Using a matched interlayer to enhance the hot cracking resistance of a 9% Cr steel
Electron Beam Welding of TZM Sheets
Electron Beam Welding in steel processing
Electron beam welding of thick-walled copper elements using an atmospherical plasma sprayed interlayer
Facilitation of development of high strength welds
Improvements in Virtual Reality Welding Education
Modelling of the flash formation in LFW of chains
As close as you can get to rail welding
Weldability of ultra high strength steel
Magnetically optimized arc-welding of railway rails
Using a matched interlayer to enhance the hot cracking resistance of a 9% Cr-steel
Post Weld heat treatment of ultra-high strength steel welds
New generation of welding consumables

LiTech - Easy to use professional business and system control applications  

VasCage - Research Center of Excellence in Vascular Ageing - Tyrol
Diet rich in spermidine contributes to longevity of humans
Improving the health of Tyrolean adolescents – EVA successfully started
Bruneck Project of Health in the Elderly
Cambridge Epidemiologists joins VASCage Team


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