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Electric Mobility Europe Call 2016

ERA-NET Cofund Horizon 2020 Call for Proposals
Ausschreibung offen von 02.11.2016 10:00 bis 06.02.2017 17:00
BMK - Bundesministerium für Klimaschutz, Umwelt, Energie, Mobilität, Innovation und Technologie Europäische Kommission
Electric Mobility Europe (EMEurope) projects shall support an optimised integration of electric mobility into the transport system. Instead of working on the development of new technologies, the projects shall aim at the testing and validation of existing close-to-market technologies and concepts.

In collaboration with the European Commission and the European Green Vehicles Initiative Association, European countries and regions set up the Electric Mobility Europe Call 2016 (EMEurope Call 2016) to further promote and advance electric mobility in Europe. EMEurope builds on the experience, networks and results of the Electromobility+ Call 2010 and is designed to take transnational e-mobility research and policy exchange to the next level. Funded projects in the EMEurope Call 2016 will focus on the application and implementation of e-mobility in urban and suburban areas.

This call responds to the need for transnationally coordinated Research, Technology and Innovation (RTI) to accelerate and advance the introduction and mainstreaming of electrification of mobility in Europe. 

The EMEurope call will support RTI projects addressing the following key areas of electric mobility:

  1. System integration (transport, (sub)urban areas)
  2. Integration of urban freight and city logistics in the e-mobility
  3. Smart Mobility concepts and ICT applications
  4. Public Transport
  5. Consumer behaviour and societal trends


In the EMEurope Call 2016 in total 14 countries and regions and the European Commission are providing national/regional research funds totalling about 23 Mio. € for coordinated funding of RTI projects.


Dr. Andreas FERTIN
Dr. Andreas FERTIN
Programme Manager

T 0043577555031
DI Dr. Christian PECHARDA
DI Dr. Christian PECHARDA
Programme Manager

T 0043577555030

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