FFG: Funding that works

At the heart of any successful business venture is a good idea. The Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) is offering targeted and coordinated funding schemes and services to help turn these ideas into successful products and services.

Start-ups usually go through the following development phases:

  1. Pre-seed phase: Evaluation of initial ideas preceding start-up.
  2. Seed phase: Establishment of the company with the aim to implement a specific idea; search for investors.
  3. Development phase: Implementation of the research and development project to realise the idea or innovation.
  4. Prototype phase: Development and production of first prototype; involvement of pilot customers and friendly customers.
  5. Market entry: Market introduction, production start-up and start of intensive marketing.

The FFG offers tailored support for innovative business ventures in any phase of the start-up process:

  • RSA: Assistance in the establishment of spin-offs for the exploitation of development results obtained from university projects.
  • Placements: Funding of R&D related placements for pupils.
  • COIN networks: Support in establishing interdisciplinary cross-sector networks.
  • AplusB: Austrian start-up programme for the support of academic spin-offs.
  • Projekt.Start: Assistance in preparing applications for start-up funding.
  • Innovation Voucher: Promotion of cooperation between companies and university or non-university research institutions.
  • Start-Up Funding: Support in the implementation of a research and development project, starting from the idea through to the prototype stage.
  • Feasibility Studies: Assistance in examining the technical feasibility of an idea or development approach.
  • Markt.Start: Support in the production and market introduction (including distribution) of products developed as part of an FFG-funded R&D project.
  • Clinical trials (KLIPHA): Funding of phase I and II clinical trials for the development of new medicines and treatments.
  • Thematic programmes: Calls for proposals for projects on clearly defined topics, which are mainly targeted at consortia.