Intelligent technologies for older people
The Austrian programme "benefit” promotes research and development of ICT products and services aimed at maintaining and improving the quality of life of older people and helping them to live more independently as long as possible.
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Topic Information technology
Type of service Funding
Förderinstrument C2 L Sondierung, C4 E-I Kooperationsprojekt experimentelle Entwicklung / industrielle Forschung
FFG Unit of organisation Thematic programmes
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Funding is provided for innovative, application-oriented projects in cooperation between business enterprises and research institutions or social service providers, with substantial involvement of end users. Applications for funding under the benefit programme can be submitted by companies, research institutions, researchers, social service providers, end users (older people, NGOs, professional associations), public authorities (provincial governments, local authorities), and consortia.

"benefit” is a programme of the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) managed by FFG.

The Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme (AAL) is a European R&D programme of 21 EU Member States with the financial support of the European Union (Art. 169). In analogy to "benefit”, AAL provides targeted funding for the development of products and services designed to enhance the quality of life of older people. Additional programme goals include fostering innovative ICT based products and services for ageing well at home, in the community and at work.