"Beyond Europe" – The Calls

Call Objectives and Funding Conditions

The "Beyond Europe" Programme supports Austrian companies, research and university institutes and other organisations in creating and extending collaborations. The Programme is open to all thematic fields. Funding is available for projects in all technical disciplines.
Owner of programme / investor
Target group SME, Large enterprises, Universities, Universities of applied sciences, Competence centres, Research facilities, Single researchers, Start-up, Non-profit organisations
Topic Service Innovations, Society, Information technology, Human resources, Life sciences, Materials and production, Mobility, Security, Environment and energy, Further issues, Space
Type of service Funding
Förderinstrument C2 L Sondierung, C4 E-I Kooperationsprojekt experimentelle Entwicklung / industrielle Forschung
Geographic scope -
Partner Keine benötigt
Submission Submission with a proposal process
FFG Unit of organisation Thematic programmes
Selection via
Funding opportunities Project proposals may be submitted for exploratory projects and cooperative R&D projects of the category "Experimental Development". All applications must be submitted by an Austrian company.
Min. / max. subsidies 0 / 500.000
Eligible costs Eligible costs are: personnel costs; R&D infrastructure; costs of materials; third-party costs; travel costs; overhead costs For details on the eligibility of costs see the Cost Guidelines:
Min. / max. duration 0 / 36 months
Availabilty of 17.12.2015- ongoing
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The FFG already offers a range of programmes providing for the participation or even funding of international (primarily European) project partners (universities/research institutes or companies). The existing portfolio has now been extended in a first step to include suitable formats for international collaborations, to be able to respond promptly to cooperation requests in a targeted manner.
The present Call of the programme "Beyond Europe" aims at increasing the international RTI activities and collaborations of Austrian companies and research institutions with partners outside Europe in the form of research projects.
It is assumed that Beyond Europe partners will generally bear their own costs. They may however receive direct funding from the programme budget to a limited extend, depending on the respective funding instrument.

Description of target group

Austrian companies, research and university institutes and other organisations; Project partners from “Beyond Europe” countries may receive direct funding to a limited extent (for the definition of "Beyond Europe" see Call Guidelines, Chapter 2.2)