COMET – Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies

Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies

The national programme COMET (Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies) was launched in 2006. The competence centres programmes are internationally recognised as best-practice model and have been among the most successful technology policy initiatives in Austria.
Owner of programme / investor
Target group SME, Large enterprises, Universities, Universities of applied sciences, Competence centres, Research facilities
Topic Service Innovations, Society, Information technology, Human resources, Life sciences, Materials and production, Mobility, Security, Environment and energy, Further issues, Space
Type of service Funding
Förderinstrument C8 Z Kompetenzzentrum, C9 PJ Strukturaufbau - Projekte
FFG Unit of organisation Structural programmes
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Today, some 1,500 researchers from science and industry work on jointly defined research programmes at more than 50 centers and networks. Special support will be given to those research activities which operate at the cutting-edge and which also promise a high international profile. The competences of the players working at the centers are to be bundled to a greater extent than in the past, with the aim of systematically leveraging content-related synergies in order to obtain a global competitive advantage. Finally, the programme should also make a major contribution to developing human resources in Austria with attractive offers for researchers.

Focus and target groups

The programme addresses existing competence centers and networks, as well as new consortia with participants from science and industry.
All three programme lines are thematically open. However, every center and every research project must have a defined theme.

Programme line K2-Centres
The objective of K2-Centres is bundling of existing national expertise in the long-term and cooperation with the world's leading researchers, scientific partners and company partners in joint strategic research programmes at highest level. This is to achieve long-term strengthening and a significant increase of Austria’s attractiveness as a research location internationally. > Programme line K2-Centres (in German)
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Programme line K1-Centres

The objective of K1-Centres is the initiation of high-quality research defined jointly by science and industry with a medium-term to long-term perspective. K1-Centres implement top-level research with a focus on scientific and technological developments and innovations to qualify for the future markets. > Programme line K1-Centres (in German)
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Programme line K-Projects

The objective of the “K-Project” line is to initiate high-quality research in science-industry cooperation with a medium-term perspective and a clearly defined subject having the potential for further improvement. This is to increase the flexibility of the programme and to enable those consortia and research topics to participate, whose potential is not yet sufficient for a K1 application. > Programme line K-Projects (in German)
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The FACTSHEETs of expired K-Centres and K-Projects can be found here


COMET is sponsored by the Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) and the Ministry of Science, Research and Economy (BMWFW), which are following up on the success of their previous competence center programmes. The Austrian provinces also support COMET with additional funds.
The Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG is responsible for the management of COMET.