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Here you'll find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Austrian Job Exchange for Research, Development and Innovation. If your question is not answered here, please contact us at jobboerse@ffg.at – we will be happy to provide you with more information or receive feedback on the Job Exchange.

What is the Job Exchange and what does it offer?
The Job Exchange compiles current job vacancies in the fields of research, development and innovation and presents them according to different search criteria, completely free of charge. This service is unique in Austria. The Job Exchange covers job offers in research, development and innovation posted online in Austria, from internships and PhD positions through to senior posts.
There is no restriction as to sectors or disciplines, quite the contrary: the Job Exchange covers the entire range of disciplines, from anatomy, chemistry and mathematics to veterinary medicine.

Who can use the Job Exchange?
The Job Exchange is open to all, free of charge and without registration.

What jobs can I find on the Job Exchange?
The Job Exchange includes only job postings that meet our list of criteria, i.e. current positions that are closely related to research, development and innovation and that are based in Austria. This includes both pure research positions and positions related to R&D (e.g. in technology transfer, project management or research funding).
The minimum requirement for most positions is a university degree, but you'll also find internships or Master's thesis positions for young researchers.

How do I get to the detailed job posting?
A click on the job title will take you to the website on which the job posting has been published.

Why do some links not directly take me to the job posting?
Sometimes it may not be possible to provide a direct link to a job posting for technical reasons. In this case you will be taken to a list of all job vacancies in the relevant organisation.

What does the date next to the job posting mean?
This is the day on which the job was uploaded to the Job Exchange.

How can I publish my jobs on the Job Exchange as a company?
If you want all suitable positions available in your company to appear on the FFG Job Exchange you can register your company website here: http://www.ffg.at/content/anmeldungsformular-fuer-jobboerse. Your website will then be regularly searched for new jobs. This service is free of charge.

What is not possible?

  • Link to a single document (e.g. PDF file)
  • Link to social media networks
  • Link to websites without job offers in research, development and innovation
  • Link to websites which require user registration

Can universities and other research institutions also register?

No, a registration is not possible respectively not necessary because these jobs are automatically uploaded to the Job Exchange.


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