General Programmes

With its wide range of funding options for research and development, the FFG General Programmes strengthen the competitiveness of companies based in Austria. They offer tailored funding for each project phase and size – from idea creation, feasibility studies and project launch through to research and development work (including in cooperation with industry) and market introduction.

Cooperation between science and industry is additionally supported by the BRIDGE Programme. The General Programmes also provide funding for R&D projects of start-ups, frontrunner companies and research headquarters. The SME Package offers small and medium-sized enterprises a structured path to R&D activities.


Funding instrument 



Innovation Voucher

Small/large innovation voucher

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Patent.Scheck Support for protecting innovations Ongoing submission

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies

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Project preparation

Ongoing submission

General Programme

Single firm R&D project

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Market introduction

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Science transfer


SME Package

R&D incentives for SMEs

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