Information Technology

Not only is information and communication technology (ICT) recognised as being the lifeblood of the economy, it also forms an integral part of all areas of social and private life. It is the backbone of our infrastructure as well as a key cross-cutting technology for scientific and technological progress in many areas.

Information and communication technology is one of the most important economic sectors. It raises productivity and makes an important contribution to economic growth. It also enables us to meet social challenges in communication, administration (e-government), medical care and environmental protection through to ambient assisted living technology for older people.

ICT as an Economic Factor in Austria
By international standards, Austria ranks in the upper middle range in the field of ICT applications and ICT research and development. The Federal Consultancy & IT Section of the Austrian Economic Chamber has a membership of over 24,000 active IT companies. Some 290,000 people in Austria work in the ICT industry. In 2014, Austrian companies exported ICT goods and services to the value of around thirteen billion euro. Austrian businesses supply eight of the ten largest manufactures of mobile phone equipment. More than 85 percent of all Austrian companies (and just about all large companies) have their own internet site, and about a sixth of them regularly do business via the internet and e-commerce.

Research and Development
Information and communication technology is one of the most important sectors in the field of research, development and innovation. Within the European Union, the ICT sector is among the three most research intensive areas. The share of corporate expenditure spent on ICT research and development (R&D) in Austria is well above the EU average. In 2014, a total of 4.6 billion euro was spent on R&D. Over 80 percent of this amount came from companies themselves with an exceptionally large share of foreign investment.