Environment and energy

People need energy. Technical progress for increased quality of life also means machines, equipment and appliances that consume increasing amounts of energy. The development of new efficient, environmentally-compatible and sustainable technologies is more important than ever.

FFG: Research to Promote Energy Efficiency

Energy resources are limited and must therefore be used more carefully in the future. And this is precisely where the FFG has an important role to play: we promote technologies that enable more efficient use of energy. We support the creation and development of new smart energy infrastructures and facilitate the development and optimisation of renewable energy sources. 

Better Environmental Protection – Benefits for Business

Funding in this field provides a sound return on investment that is quick to materialise: Austrian industries have already become established as world leaders in some energy technology areas. This opens up many profitable opportunities for Austrian companies and strengthens their competitiveness.
Making more efficient use of energy goes hand in hand with a global reduction in greenhouse gas and pollutant emissions. That means nature can breathe more freely – and people too.