In 2001 the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Culture started the "Austrian Genome Research Programme GEN-AU” (GENome Research in AUstria), a "programme of the future” for Austria. This programme is based on the good foundations that genome research has got in Austria. It will strengthen, focus and integrate research capacities.

The programme covers research areas that will secure and expand Austria"s competitiveness and ability to cooperate on an international level. Efficient and targeted technology transfer measures will guarantee the implementation of the research findings. The programme will significantly improve the conditions for investment in genomics and biotechnology and support the creation of new jobs. 

GEN-AU is planned to run nine years with the aim to support and strengthen Austrian scientists in this research field. International competitiveness needs to be reached. Therefore it is necessary to build up networks and interdisciplinary organised research structures, the precondition for strong international cooperation, especially within the European Research Area. One of the major goals of this initiative is to turn results of genome research into new products, technologies and services.


GEN-AU is an initiative of the Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Culture (BMBWK) and is managed by the FFG. 


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