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The international Austria Incubation Programm
GIN – Global Incubator Network

As part of the Global Incubator Network (GIN) "goAustria" is carried out by two different sorts of vouchers and their categories up to a max of 5.000 Euros of funding. The promotion format "goAustria 3weeks" and "goAustria 2weeks" includes a stay for a period of three/two weeks to gather insights, experiences and contact opportunities in Austria. The second promotion format "goAustria individual" supports international start-ups in the construction of a concrete Austrian an European network. "goAustria" offers assistance in the form of co-working spaces, mentoring and coaching as well as promoting cooperation of network activities in Austria.


Program Owner / Sponsor FFG - Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft
Aeronautics and Space, Environment and energy, Further research areas, Human Resources, Information technology, Life Sciences, Material and manufacturing, Mobility and Transport, Security, Service innovation, Society
Funding instrument
Partner Not required
Submission Einreichung nach Ausschreibungs-Prinzip
General Programmes
Selection by Expert Jury
What is being funded "goAustria 3weeks" or "goAustria 2weeks" covers the costs for the support through incubators for a period of three/two weeks. "goAustria individual" offers support for intensive and individual acivities.
Min. / max. funding 0 / 5000
Eligible costs participation in the Pioneers Festival, mentoring and coaching, workshops and co-working spaces, networking acivities
Min. / max. running time 1 - 12 Monate
Availability from 01.01.2016 - constantly

Legal basis for "goAustria"-tenders
Innovationsscheck € 5.000, - and FFG Directive SMEs.

Description of the target group:
goAustria addresses innovative founders and young companies that have already developed their first product and gained some market experience.


Dipl.-Inf. Univ. Annamaria Andres
Dipl.-Inf. Univ. Annamaria Andres
Head of Programme
T +43 5 7755 1312
Dr. Jan Arpe
Dr. Jan Arpe
T +43 5 7755 1320
Lisa Berg
Lisa Berg
Advisory Services
T +43 5 7755 4502


Send your request on goAustria to gin@ffg.at