Human Resources

The success of a company depends on its employees. The same can of course be said of a country: the future of the “company” known as Austria depends on the creative and innovative potential of its people. This is why the FFG works to support Austria’s young researchers and innovation staff.

Research, development and innovation are some of the key factors essential to economic growth, competitiveness, job creation and job security. Studies show that each million euro spent on industrial research and development can in the long-term create up to 50 jobs. Evaluations of projects carried out with funding from the FFG General Programmes show that such projects lead to the creation and securing of several thousand jobs.

Highly qualified staff are, however, not only the positive result of investment in research but also the prerequisite for success in research and development. Although the number of people working in research and development in Austria has doubled over the last 15 years, many companies continue to complain about the lack of availability of qualified staff.

The FFG actively supports young scientists, careers in research,  measures in companies for the systematic development and qualification of their research and innovation staff and equal opportunities with a wide range of funding programmes and services.