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Clinical Studies

The funding instrument within General Programme supports Clinical Trials (phase I or phase II) driven by small- and medium-sized companies (SME). The aim is to reduce the existing finance gap in clinical studies by high attracitve loans-funding.
Owner of programme / investor
Target group SME, Start-up
Topic Life sciences
Type of service Funding, Advice
Förderinstrument C3 E Einzelprojekt - Experimentelle Entwicklung
FFG Unit of organisation General programmes
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Clinical Trials within General Programme strengthen the competitiviness of companies based in Austria by funding all transaction costs for the clinical study. Start-ups, small and medium-sized companies (less than 250 employees) are the fund recipients. The funding level is max. € 1,5 million each for relevant study costs by funding with low-intrest loans (duration 5 years). Submission is possible at any time. Special features: The evaluation is carried out throughout the General Programme scoreboard and some additonal guidelines for Clinical Studies funding.  The study has to be carried out by a SME in co-operation with an Austrian clinical partner.