Life Sciences

Life-enhancing research: life’s biggest mystery remains unsolved… life itself. Since time immemorial, scientists have been working to discover the secrets of life. Every research result takes us a step closer.

FFG: Life Sciences Make Life Better

The term ‘life sciences’ covers a broad range of subjects – from medicine, chemistry, pharmaceutics and manufacturing technology through to agriculture and nutrition science. The FFG’s aim in this area is to provide funding leading to developments that will enhance people’s quality of life. New research in biotechnology and genetics can alleviate illnesses or even eradicate diseases by paving the way for future-oriented forms of therapy and medication. The chances of reaching a ripe old age and continuing to enjoy good health are greater now than they have ever been. Modern nutrition research provides the basis for the development of new foodstuffs and new healthy eating strategies. Genetically modified foods may contribute towards providing a solution to the food supply problem. In combination with environmentally responsible farming this will also have positive effects on the climate.

Economic Factor with Potential for Growth

FFG funding creates new jobs and provides job security in an area offering potential for growth. Yet the top priority is always to act responsibly – in the interests of society and in line with ethical principles.

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