FFG Support for Mobility and Transport

The FFG offers a wide range of funding and services to support projects carried out in the field of transport and mobility. Under the General Programmes alone, around 10.4% (figure for 2007) of funding is spent on research and development in the field of automotive engineering. The project portfolio also includes aerospace, rail, shipping and materials research, IT, sensor technology and other sectors. And last but not least, the COMET K2 Centre “Mobility” and research activities in the field of electromobility also act as strong drivers for research in this area.

Thematic Funding Programmes for Mobility Projects

  • IV2Splus – Intelligent Transport Systems and Services PLUS
    This strategy programme aims to promote research and development in the area of mobility and transport technology in support of an efficient, safe, environmentally-friendly and socially sustainable transport system as well as maintaining and increasing the competitiveness of the Austrian transport sector.
    * A3plus – Alternative Propulsion Systems and Fuels
    * I2V – Intermodality and Interoperability of Transport Systems
    * ways2go – Innovation and Technology for Evolving Mobility Needs
  • Transport Infrastructure Research (Pilot Initiative VIF 2011)
    This initiative has been launched to issue calls for R&D services for road and rail infrastructure in the fields of pavements and superstructures, road safety, noise control, engineering structures and bridges etc. Calls for the first two topics (ASFINAG, ÖBB) have already been issued in the form of a pre-commercial procurement (PCP) scheme.
  • TAKE OFF, the Austrian Aeronautics Research and Technology Programme, aims to increase levels of expertise in Austrian companies and research institutions, strengthen human resources capital as well as improve market entry opportunities for new technologies, products and processes in the aviation sector.
  • The Austrian Space Applications Programme ASAP promotes the development of commercially viable products and services as well as the development of demonstration applications for space technologies. It aims to pave the way for Austria’s scientific institutions and companies to access the international market and increase their competitiveness in this sector through the provision of funding in key areas of space technology.

7th EU Framework Programme / Transport

The Transport programme is one of the thematic priorities of the 7th EU Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development. It provides funding for multidisciplinary applied research within the framework of European research cooperation projects. The total budget earmarked for the funding period of the 7th Framework Programme (2007-2013) amounts to 4.1 billion euro. The themes include aeronautics and air transport, surface transport (rail, road and waterborne) as well as support for the European global satellite navigation system (GALILEO).