Digitalisation Agency

Austria must confront and overcome the challenges of digital transformation in order to remain an attractive location for business. The federal government has emphasised the importance of digital transformation for industry, society and public administration and has given it high priority in the government programme.

Our tasks
Turning digitalisation into a success story

The Digitalisation Agency of the Federal Government is making a significant contribution to ensuring the success of Austria’s digital transformation:

  • We implement targeted projects.
  • We provide expertise and know-how.
  • We communicate the opportunities offered by digitalisation.
  • We network and coordinate stakeholders and actors.


Our target groups
Platform for communication and coordination

The Digitalisation Agency acts as a knowledge and project platform for the whole of Austria:

  • We show the benefits of digitalisation, thereby helping overcome the fear of change.
  • We open up tangible new economic opportunities and projects for our SMEs.
  • We advise the federal government and political stakeholders so that they can make the right decisions for the future.
  • We coordinate activities and projects in the fields of:
    • Digital Infrastructure,
    • Business,
    • Education and Society,
    • Research, Development and Innovation,
    • Data Protection and Data Management.
  • We are Austria's international contact point for digitalisation.


Our goal
Promoting Austria and its SMEs

Successful digitalisation and the power to innovate are the basis for future growth and prosperity - to the benefit of our SMEs and their employees: 

  • Austria should become an innovation leader in Europe.
  • Austria's SMEs should be able to
    • increase their productivity,
    • reduce their costs,
    • generate new revenues,
    • enhance the digital skills of their employees and
    • be successful internationally.
  • We seek to raise awareness of future opportunities in order to make the most of them.