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A highly innovative and competitive manufacturing industry is the engine of the Austrian economy. It contributes substantially to strengthening Austria's position as a business location and helps to secure jobs. Smart forward looking production technologies provide targeted support in this context.

Over the past four years, the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) and the FFG have provided funding of over 450 million euros to more than 800 R&D projects relevant to the manufacturing industry. This high level will be maintained in 2016 with a series of new funding measures, making production one of the major topics in the FFG funding portfolio.

The RTI initiative "Production of the Future" deals with key issues of the manufacturing industry as part of innovative RTD projects. The focus is on manufacturing competitive products and on enhancing productivity with the aim of fostering economic growth in Austria.

The BMVIT plays an active role in strengthening Austria's economic position. It has contributed to the success story of production research and supports Austrian companies in developing new markets and business fields.

The following Production of the Future calls are currently open:

The 15th Call under the Production of the Future programme was launched on 12 May 2015. It invites proposals for national cooperative RTD projects, flagship projects and R&D services. The aim of the call is to support the strategic orientation of research and development in the manufacturing sector. The range of topics is not restricted.

The 12th call under the Production of the Future programme invites proposals for transnational projects as part of the European Research Area Network M-ERA.NET ”From materials science and engineering to innovation for Europe”. The M-ERA.NET network provides coordinated funding of transnational research and development projects and is supported by 36 research organisations.

The current 2015 call for nominations for Endowed Professorships in the field of Production / Industry 4.0 is designed to further enhance cooperation between science and industry and the development of human resources. After the great success of the first call in 2014, which focused on cooperation between the BMVIT and the Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation, the 2015 call launched by the BMVIT now addresses a range of topics in several programmes.

The first call inviting proposals for an Industry 4.0 Pilot Factory is carried out as a restricted call using a new funding instrument, R&D Infrastructure. Proposals may only be submitted by the Vienna University of Technology. The BMVIT sees the first pilot factory as a demonstration case and plans to launch subsequent competitive calls in this field.

Funding opportunities at a glance

  • Production of the Future – funding programme for specific topics
  • NANO with relevance to production – supplementary funding programme for specific topics
  • Production of the Future – funding opportunities for open-topic projects

A broad portfolio of instruments and programmes is available to promote research into Production of the Future in Austria. The FFG aims to provide a wide range of clear and coherent funding options, which focus on specific technology policy areas or are open to all fields of science and technology in order to enable the effective implementation of national strategies.

Production of the Future – funding programme for specific topics

The funding focus of the Production of the Future programme is on national and transnational cooperative research and development projects characterised by a high degree of innovation and development risk. Planned research or critical investigation are applied to obtain new findings that contribute to the development of new expertise and new products. The Endowed Professorship programme, first launched in 2014 and continued in 2015, aims to develop research structures and capacities in order to provide Austrian companies with highly qualified scientists and engineers in the long term.

NANO with relevance to production  supplementary funding programme for specific topics

  • The NANO-EHS (NANO Environment Health and Safety) funding programme explores the opportunities nanotechnology offers for Austria and promotes its application in new resource efficient products and in small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Nanotechnology funding was provided as part of the Austrian NANO Initiative until 2011 and was then integrated into the Production of the Future programme. Successful collaborative NANO projects also provide the basis for further research activities.

Production of the Future – funding opportunities for open-topic projects

  • The General Programmes provide funding for individual projects of experimental development. The funding strategy is based on the bottom-up principle and is open to companies from all industrial sectors and in all areas of technology and research.
  • The BRIDGE Knowledge Transfer programme closes the funding gap between basic research and experimental development and aims to pave the way for industrial application.


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