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The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) brings together the brightest minds in education, research and innovation. The EIT acts as an umbrella organisation of Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) in the fields of climate change, renewable energies and information and communication technologies. KICs enjoy a great degree of autonomy: they offer memberships, initiate calls and tenders and offer their own education and training programmes.


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Environment and energy, Further research areas, Information technology, Material and manufacturing, Mobility and Transport
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The aim of the EIT is to strengthen the innovative capacity of the Member States and thus contribute to sustainable economic growth in Europe. This mission is achieved by integrating the three sides of the ‘knowledge triangle’(education, research, innovation) in so-called Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs), where interdisciplinary teams from universities, research centres and businesses conduct top-level research.

The main task of the KICsis to conduct innovation-driven top-level research in fields of key economic and societal interest and to disseminate best practice methods in the innovation sector with the potential to enhance Europe’s competitive edge. They are independent in their internal structure and management and address a long-term horizon of seven to fifteen years. KICs determine their internal organisation and composition, their schedules and work methods themselves. KICs include organisations active within the knowledge triangle of higher education, research and innovation, but must include at least three partner organisations based in at least two different Member States.

Young scientific talent is given the opportunity to obtain academic degrees and diplomas from the participating universities in accordance with national regulations and admissions procedures. The agreements between the EIT and the KICs shall provide that these degrees and diplomas are also regarded as EIT degrees and diplomas.

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DI Siegfried Loicht
DI Siegfried Loicht
Contact person for KIC InnoEnergy
T +43 5 7755 4304
Dr. Michalis Tzatzanis
Dr. Michalis Tzatzanis
Contact person for Climate KIC
T +43 5 7755 4405
Mag. Monika Egger-Fuchs
Mag. Monika Egger-Fuchs
Contact person for EIT Digital
T +43 5 7755 4202
DI Gerald Kern
DI Gerald Kern
Contact person for EIT Raw Materials, EIT Manufacturing & EIT Urban mobility
T +43 5 7755 4301
Dr. Astrid Hoebertz
Dr. Astrid Hoebertz
Contact person for EIT Health
T +43 5 7755 4104
Mag. Birgit Steininger
Mag. Birgit Steininger
Contact person for EIT Food
T +43 5 7755 4101