Safety and Security

Safety and security mean better quality of life. Austria is one of the safest countries in the world – and we want it to stay that way. The FFG therefore supports and funds the development of innovative technologies that contribute to improving safety and security in everyday life.

FFG: Offering a Comprehensive Approach to Safety and Security

The FFG takes a comprehensive approach – because increasing public safety and security is definitely not (exclusively) a matter of reducing military threats or risks but also means minimising economic, environmental, cultural and social risks. All institutions that contribute to maintaining public safety and security may thus benefit from FFG funding. Innovative research and new technologies facilitate the work of emergency service and disaster management organisations as well as gas, water and energy providers.

For the Benefit of Austrian Citizens

One thing is for sure: research in this field also gives Austrian businesses a competitive edge on the international market. After all, the ultimate goal is to enhance the level of safety and security enjoyed by each and every Austrian citizen – and better safety and security means better quality of life.

The Austrian Security Research Programme KIRAS

The Austrian Security Research Programme KIRAS invites companies, research institutions, end users as well as partners active in the fields of humanities, social and cultural sciences to participate in calls for proposals.