Orphan Diseases

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Orphan Diseases
Approximately 400.000 Austrians suffer from orphan diseases, about half of them are children. Orphan Disease is a funding instrument aimed at supporting the development of feasible diagnosis, therapy and medication for rare diseases. Further on it is a special initiative to strenghten the Boitech community in Austria in relation to the increasing global competition.
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Topic Life sciences
Type of service Funding, Advice
Förderinstrument C3 E Einzelprojekt - Experimentelle Entwicklung
FFG Unit of organisation General programmes
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Funding of the research on Orphan Diseases within General Programme strengthen the competitiviness of companies based in Austria by funding the development of feasible diagnois, therapy and medication. The processing of application is very attractive: not dependent on the size of the company (start-ups, small and medium-sized companies, major companies and centers of expertise, research institutes - third party services only - or project. The funding level is max. 70 % of total eligible projects costs. Submission is possible at any time and funding is carried out by a mix of non-repayable subsidies and low-interest loans. Special features: The evaluation is carried out throughout the General Programme scoreboard and some additonal guidelines for Orphan Disease funding. The application has to point tot he fact of ecnomic potential (market valuation) and the programm relevance (focussing rare diseases).