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The Austrian Programme on Technologies for Sustainable Development aims at supporting the economy with future-oriented innovations and developments. It initiates and supports trendsetting research and development projects and the implementation of exemplary pilot projects.

The programme pursues clearly defined emphases, selects projects by means of tendering procedures and is characterized by networking between individual research projects and by accompanying project management.

Tenders are invited in three subprogrammes:

  • Subprogramme "Building of Tomorrow"
  • Subprogramme "Energy Systems of Tomorrow" 
  • Subprogramme "Factory of Tomorrow"


Building of Tomorrow

"Building of Tomorrow" refers to residential and office buildings that feature the following improvements as compared to the present practice in Austria:

  • Improved energy efficiency over the whole life cycle 
  • Pronounced use of renewable sources of energy, in particular solar energy 
  • Increased use of renewable raw materials and efficient use thereof 
  • Increased consideration of service and use aspects for the benefit of users of residential and office buildings 
  • Costs comparable to those of conventional building designs

Energy Systems of Tomorrow

The "Energy Systems of Tomorrow" subprogramme focuses on research and development questions pertaining to renewable energy sources and energy efficiency, paying special attention to aspects of an efficient overall system. Crucial to this is the exploration of innovations on the following three levels:

  • Structural innovations: changes in structure and systems, system behaviour, basic conditions
  • Social innovations: changes in user behaviour dependent on knowledge, attitudes and lifestyle 
  • Technological innovations: developments in key areas of the entire spectrum from primary energy sources to energy services
  • An important quality criterion applicable to all projects to be financed is their potential to make significant contributions to an intelligent overall system solution.

Factory of Tomorrow

The subprogramme "Factory of Tomorrow" addresses the trade and industry as well as service enterprises that produce and provide products of tomorrow using materials of tomorrow to meet tomorrow"s needs. The following aspects have to be taken into consideration:

  • Aiming at zero-waste and zero-emission technologies and methods of production 
  • Increased use of renewable raw materials for materials and products 
  • Increased use of renewable sources of energy in the production process and in the enterprise as a whole
  • Development of new partnerships and co-operations as well as in-house models for further training and participation of employees in order to achieve these objectives


The Austrian Program on Technologies for Sustainable Development has been developed at the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) and is managed by the FFG. 


Programmeigentümer/Geldgeber BMK - Bundesministerium für Klimaschutz, Umwelt, Energie, Mobilität, Innovation und Technologie
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DI (FH) Katrin Bolovich

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