The Austrian Aeronautics Programme TAKE OFF is designed to maintain the competitiveness of the Austrian aeronautical industry and its suppliers by generating specific expertise and networking the relevant industrial, university and non-university actors. The programme supports the establishment of strategic partnerships at national, European and international level and the development of new markets. This approach is designed to increase turnover of the Austrian aeronautical sector, secure high-tech development and production in Austria and create high-quality jobs in the long term.

The objective of the programme TAKE OFF is to strenghen the research-, technology- and cooperations competence of Austrian players in the aeronautical sector. It promotes strategic research projects, which lead to significant technological innovations. Furthermore the programme promotes educational measures and know-how transfer in the fields of aeronautics.

Target groups are Austrian companies, researchers from universities and research institutions active in the field of aeronautics, as well as users from the aeronautics sector (airborne subsystems and parts, hardware and software, equipment and services for manufacturers, operators and infrastructure).

Besides the project funding, the programme objectives are pursuited with a range of accompaning measures.

TAKE OFF is an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) and is managed by the FFG. 


Programmeigentümer/Geldgeber Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Innovation und Technologie
Target group Kleine und mittlere Unternehmen (KMU), Große Unternehmen (GU), Universitäten, Fachhochschulen, Kompetenzzentren, Forschungseinrichtungen, Einzel-ForscherInnen, Start-Up, (Gemeinnützige) Vereine, Gebietskörperschaften
Art des Angebots Förderung
Förderinstrument Sondierung , Kooperationsprojekt experimentelle Entwicklung / industrielle Forschung , F&E-Dienstleistungen
Information technology, Material and manufacturing, Mobility and Transport
Thematic Programmes


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Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Vera Eichberger

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Daniel Jokovic MSc

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