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The European Network of Innovation Agencies - Dissemination Workshop
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Proposal selection is one of the core processes in programme implementation and can have massive influence on the effects of funding. However, the procedures differ widely and cover a range from complete in house evaluation of proposals by agency staff to external evaluation which is facilitated by the agency.

By implementing R&D&I programs and supporting R&D&I projects in business and academic sector, innovation agencies have developed unique professional competences and knowledge (as well as professional networks consisting of final beneficiaries, evaluators,…)  to address specific issues related to design and implementation of such programs: technology transfer, intellectual property, technological risk, phases product/process research and development, collaboration between businesses and academia, .. etc.
Such issues need to be addressed throughout the whole program life cycle, starting with program design and intervention logic and ending with ex-post program evaluation to measure impact and to re-design programs within different national contexts and needs.

The Taftie Task Force on selection processes aimed at learning from the participating agencies´experiences and developed a set of good practices.
In the dissemination workshop we will present the results of the Task Force and work interactively in groups on defined topics.

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To facilitate meeting preparation, you will be asked to indicate in which topic for group work you would be interested.



Coffee and registration

Presentation: results from the Task Force (i)

Coffee break

11:30 – 12:00
Presentation: results from the Task Force (ii), Discussion


Group work in parallel groups

  1. Selection Processes and the Agency
    The integration/management of selection procedures when setting up a new innovation agency.

    How should the management of selection processes interact with the units who are responsible for designing instruments and monitoring their usefulness for better supporting the national innovation system? What should be the level of their integration?
    What is the value added by the agency or vice versa, the benefit for the agency, from selection processes? Are there steps that can be externalised?
    Topic host: ANI Agência Nacional de Inovação, Portugal, http://www.ani.pt/en/
  2. Selection Processes for R&D&I funding and regulations for European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) – a challenge?
    As discussed and demonstrated by the SELECT Task Force, „good“ R&D&I projects' selection processes can only be designed by taking into account specificities of R&D&I projects and the programme. ESIF funds 2014-2020 prioritize R&D&I area as one of the most important Priorities and allocate a significant amount of funds for it, however, the legal framework for designing R&D&I programs within ESIF is complex and defined in many aspects, including implementation rules, state aid rules, ...etc.
    In this context, can good practices identified through SELECT be fully implemented, are there any challenges and if yes, how can they be resolved?
    Topic host: HAMAG-BICRO, Croatia, http://www.hamagbicro.hr/
  3. How to consider impact and programme goals in selection processes
    One result of the Task Force SELECT was that clearly a selection process has to consider specificities of the Programme intervention logic as well as of the target group. On the other hand, the Task Force found several “generic” evaluation steps and criteria. The group will discuss good practices on how to best consider programme goals and impact in the selection process.
    Topic host: FFG, The Austrian Funding Promotion Agency, http://www.ffg.at


Coffee break

Presentation of Group work results, discussion

End of the Workshop


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DI Dr. Sabine Mayer

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