COST-Aktionen offen für österreichische Beteiligungen im Bereich "Engineering and Technology"

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Nummer Titel
CA15202 Self-healing As preventive Repair of COncrete Structures
CA15205 Gene Regulation Ensemble Effort for the Knowledge Commons
CA15225 Fractional-order systems; analysis, synthesis and their importance for future design
CA16106 Ammonia and Greenhouse Gases Emissions from Animal Production Buildings
CA16121 From Sharing to Caring: Examining Socio-Technical Aspects of the Collaborative Economy
CA16217 European network of multidisciplinary research to improve the urinary stents
CA16220 European Network for High Performance Integrated Microwave Photonics
CA16227 Investigation and Mathematical Analysis of Avant-garde Disease Control via Mosquito Nano-Tech-Repellents
CA17105 A pan-European Network for Marine Renewable Energy with a focus on Wave Energy
CA17123 Ultrafast opto-magneto-electronics for non-dissipative information technology
CA18101 SOURDOugh biotechnology network towards novel, healthier and sustainable food and bIoproCesseS
CA18102 The European Aquatic Animal Tracking Network
CA18105 Risk-based meat inspection and integrated meat safety assurance
CA18110 Underground Built Heritage as catalyser for Community Valorisation
CA18111 Genome editing in plants - a technology with transformative potential
CA18120 Reliable roadmap for certification of bonded primary  structures
CA18125 Advanced Engineering and Research of (aero)Gels for Environment and Life Sciences
CA18130 European Network FOR Chemical Elemental analysis by Total reflection X-Ray Fluorescence
CA18132 Functional Glyconanomaterials for the Development of Diagnostics and Targeted Therapeutic Probes
CA18203 Optimising Design for Inspection
CA18206 Glioma MR Imaging 2.0
CA18216 Network for Research in Vascular Ageing
CA18223 Future communications with higher-symmetric engineered artificial materials
CA18226 New approaches in detection of pathogens and aeroallergens
CA18235 PROfiling the atmospheric Boundary layer at European scale
CA18238 European transdisciplinary networking platform for marine biotechnology