COST-Aktionen mit österreichischer Beteiligung im Bereich "Agricultural Sciences"

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CANummer Titel
CA15206 Payments for Ecosystem Services (Forests for Water)
CA15215 Innovative approaches in pork production with entire males
CA15219 Developing new genetic tools for bioassessment of aquatic ecosystems in Europe
CA15223 Modifying plants to produce interfering RNA
CA15224 Identifying causes and solutions of keel bone damage in laying hens
CA15226 Climate-Smart Forestry in Mountain Regions
CA16110 Control of Human Pathogenic Micro-organisms in Plant Production Systems
CA16112 Personalized Nutrition in aging society: redox control of major age-related diseases
CA16230 Combatting anthelmintic resistance in ruminants
CA16231 European Network of Vaccine Adjuvants
CA16233 Drylands facing change: Interdisciplinary research on climate change, food insecurity, political instability
CA17110 Standardizing OUtput-based surveillance to control Non-regulated Diseases of cattle in the EU.
CA17111 Data integration to maximise the power of omics for grapevine improvement
CA17128 Establishment of a Pan-European Network on the Sustainable Valorization of Lignin
CA17133 Implementing nature based solutions for creating a resourceful circular city
CA18105 Risk-based meat inspection and integrated meat safety assurance
CA18217 European Network for Optimization of Veterinary Antimicrobial Treatment
CA18207 Biodiversity Of Temperate forest Taxa Orienting Management Sustainability by Unifying Perspectives
CA18111 Genome editing in plants - a technology with transformative potential
CA18208 Novel tools for test evaluation and disease prevalence estimation
CA19116 Trace metal metabolism in plants
CA19128 Pan-European Network for Climate Adaptive Forest Restoration and Reforestation
CA20103 Biosecurity enhanced through training, evaluation and raising awareness
CA20118 Three-dimensional forest ecosystem monitoring and better understanding by terrestrial-based technologies
CA20128 Promoting Innovation of fermented foods
CA20132 Urban Tree Guard - Safeguarding European urban trees and forests through improved biosecurity
CA21124 LIFT: Lifting farm animal lives – laying the foundations for positive animal welfare
Ca21132 European Swine Influenza Network
CA21139 3Rs concepts to improve the quality of biomedical science
CA21149 Reducing acrylamide exposure of consumers by a cereals supply-chain approach targeting asparagine