COST-Aktionen mit österreichischer Beteiligung im Bereich "Medical and Health Sciences"

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Nummer Titel
CA15203 Mitochondrial mapping: Evolution - Age - Gender - Lifestyle - Environment
CA15204 European Platform for Outcomes Research into Perioperative Interventions during Surgery for Cancer
CA15205 Gene Regulation Ensemble Effort for the Knowledge Commons
CA15208 Rationing – Missed Nursing care: An international and multidimensional problem
CA15209 European Network on NMR Relaxometry
CA15210 European Network for Collaboration on Kidney Exchange Programmes
CA15214 ​An integrative action for multidisciplinary studies on cellular structural networks
CA15222 ​An integrative action for multidisciplinary studies on cellular structural networks
CA16102 European Network on Individualized Psychotherapy Treatment of Young People with Mental Disorders
CA16103 Magnetic Resonance Imaging Biomarkers for Chronic Kidney Disease
CA16113 CliniMARK: 'good biomarker practice' to increase the number of clinically validated biomarkers
CA16115  A European Network for Connective Tissue Calcifying Diseases
CA16116 Wearable Robots for Augmentation, Assistance or Substitution of Human Motor Functions
CA16120  European Epitranscriptomics Network
CA16122  Biomaterials and advanced physical techniques for regenerative cardiology and neurology
CA16125 European network for translational research in children's and adult interstitial lung disease
CA16205 European Network on Understanding Gastrointestinal Absorption-related Processes
CA16210 Maximising Impact of research in NeuroDevelopmental DisorderS
CA16216 Coordination and Harmonization of European Occupational Cohorts
CA16217 European network of multidisciplinary research to improve the urinary stents
CA16223 Leukemia Gene Discovery by data sharing, mining and collaboration
CA16225 Realising the therapeutic potential of novel cardioprotective therapies
CA16226 Indoor living space improvement: Smart Habitat for the Elderly
CA16231 European Network of Vaccine Adjuvants
CA17104 New diagnostic and therapeutic tools against multidrug resistant tumors
CA17108 Aedes Invasive Moquitoes (AIM) COST ACTION
CA17116 International Network for Translating Research on Perinatal Derivatives into Therapeutic Approaches
CA17117 Towards an International Network for Evidence-based Research in Clinical Health Research
CA17129 Catalysing transcriptomics research in cardiovascular disease
CA17130 Enhancing Psychiatric Genetic Counselling, Testing, and Training in Europe
CA17138 Integrated European Network on Chronic Graft Versus Host Disease (cGvHD)
CA18103 Innovation with Glycans: new frontiers from synthesis to new biological targets
CA18106 The neural architecture of consciousness
CA18113 Understanding and exploiting the impacts of low pH on micro-organisms
CA18116 Aniridia: networking to address an unmet medical, scientific, and societal challenge
CA18118 Implementation Research Network in Stroke Care Quality - IRENE
CA18123 The Pan-European Family Support Research Network. A bottom-up, evidence-based and multidisciplinary approach
CA18124 European Sexual Medicine Network
CA18139 GEnomics of MusculoSkeletal traits TranslatiOnal Network
CA18208 Novel tools for test evaluation and disease prevalence estimation
CA18211 Perinatal Mental Health and Birth-Related Trauma: Maximising best practice and optimal outcomes
CA18216 Network for Research in Vascular Ageing
CA18218 European Burden of Disease Network
CA18227 The Core Outcome Measures for Food Allergy
CA19104 advancing Social inclusion through Technology and EmPowerment
CA19105 Pan-European Network in Lipidomics and EpiLipidomics
CA19106 Multi-Sectoral Responses to Child Abuse and Neglect in Europe: Incidence and Trends
CA19113 The European Researchers' Network Working on Second Victims
CA19121 Network on Privacy-Aware Audio- and Video-Based Applications for Active and Assisted Living
CA19127 Cognitive decline in Nephro-Neurology: European Cooperative Target
CA19132 European Network to Advance Best practices & technoLogy on medication adherencE
CA19133 Fostering and Strengthening Approaches to Reducing Coercion in European Mental Health Services
CA19136 International Interdisciplinary Network on Health and Wellbeing in an Age-friendly Digital World
CA20104 Network on evidence-based physical activity in old age
CA20114 Therapeutical applications of Cold Plasmas
CA20117 Converting molecular profiles of myeloid cells into biomarkers for inflammation and cancer
CA20119 European andrology network – research coordination, education and public awareness
CA20121 Bench to bedside transition for pharmacological regulation of NRF2 in noncommunicable diseases
CA20128 Promoting Innovation of fermented foods
CA20135 Improving biomedical research by automated behaviour monitoring in the animal home-cage
CA21108 European Network for Skin Engineering and Modeling
CA21110 Building an open European Network on OsteoArthritis research
CA21117 The role of IMMUnity in tackling PARKinson’s disease through a Translational NETwork
CA21122 PROmoting GeRiAtric Medicine IN countries where it is still eMerGing
CA21123 Cancer- Understanding Prevention in Intellectual Disabilities
CA21132 European Swine Influenza Network
CA21135 Modelling immunotherapy response and toxicity in cancer
CA21139 3Rs concepts to improve the quality of biomedical science
CA21145 European Network for diagnosis and treatment of antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections
CA21149 Reducing acrylamide exposure of consumers by a cereals supply-chain approach targeting asparagine
CA21153 Network for implementing multiomics approaches in atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease prevention and research
CA21165 Personalized medicine in chronic kidney disease: improved outcome based on Big Data
CA21168 Improving outcome of Juvenile Inflammatory Rheumatism via universally applicable clinical practice
CA21170 Prevention, anticipation and mitigation of tick-borne disease risk applying the DAMA protocol