FFG Academy: ERC Interview Training – Starting Grant Call 2022

A Training of the FFG Academy
THE TRAINING IS FULLY BOOKED ON ALL DATES! If you would like to be included in a waiting list, we kindly ask you to send an e-mail to gudrun.reisenauer@ffg.at.

This training is open for researchers (Principal Investigators) who have been invited to a remote interview with ERC panel members after successfully completing the first evaluation stage within the ERC Starting Grant Call 2022.

During the training, you will have the opportunity to rehearse your presentation for the interview and the ensuing discussion session and to receive feedback and tips to support your preparation for the hearing.

There will be three independent online training days:

  • 11 August 2022
  • 5 September 2022
  • 7 September 2022

We kindly ask you to register soon and we will let you know within two weeks whether we can confirm your participation. Kindly note that applicants in the PE domain will be prioritized for the training on 11 August, as interviews in this domain are scheduled first in September. Your participation link for the online training will be sent to you once your participation has been confirmed.

Please note also that priority is given to Principal Investigators who submitted their ERC Starting Grant Proposal with an Austrian host institution.



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Gudrun Reisenauer
Gudrun Reisenauer
FFG Academy Assistant
T +43 5 7755 4111