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AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

Comepetence Unit Molecular Diagnostics

AIT Molecular Diagnostics, having a long-term and profound expertise in Biomarker- and Assay- Development, focuses on the identification of molecular markers for minimal invasive diagnostics. In this context we provide multi-OMICS analysis for biomarker discovery and establish targeted molecular assays for biomarker confirmation and validation. Along the development of minimal invasive assays for early diagnostics and precision medicine from body fluids (e.g. “liquid biopsy”) we specifically focus on saliva as a new, promising and completely non-invasive sample matrix. Mobile molecular diagnostics requires miniaturized and automated devices with the highest analytical performance, which can determine diseases faster and more accurately with the aid of various body fluids. We have in-depth know-how in the realization of such measuring systems. In system integration, we cover the full spectrum from biomarkers, microfluidics, molecular detection reactions and biosensors to readout electronics and process management. Special emphasis is placed on the saliva, which is particularly suitable for patient-related diagnostics thanks to the non-invasive and at any time possible sampling. In the area of ​​biosensorics, the AIT has many years of experience in the development of highly sensitive and highly selective detection methods for the detection of biomolecules in liquid samples using innovative electrochemical, photonic, magnetic and nanomaterial-based methods. The focus is on the detection of nucleic acids and proteins for patient-related diagnostics. In our development, we attach great importance to cost-effective mass production convenience and to the use of environmentally-friendly materials in production and disposal. The system integration is aimed at a comprehensive optimization - both with regard to the interaction of the individual components as well as with regard to a simple and user-friendly overall system.

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Zusätzliche Keywords Minimal invasive Diagnostics, Saliva Diagnostics, Biomarker Discovery & Validation, Assay Development & Validation, Bioinformatics, Systems Integration & Point of Care Devices, Diagnostic Biosensors, Mikro- & Nanotechnologie


Dr. Martin Jung
Dr. Martin Jung
Head of Competence Unit
T +43 50550 4301