Designing neural robot brains -- Braitenberg-based approach

Firma Universität Innsbruck - Institut für Informatik
Fachbereich Mathematik, Informatik
Beschreibung You're a big fan of Wall-E and follow Curiosity steps on Mars on a daily basis? Then the Institute of Computer Sciences invites you to the world of behavior-based robotics to see that programming robot doesn't need to be complicated. The trainee will learn the basics of artificial intelligence and robotics and constructs more and more complex behaviors on a small wheeled robot. His or her task is to write a program that allows the robot to run and complete autonomously a set of tasks. Programming skills are not required, but curiosity, motivation and interest for robotics and AI are!
Projektbeschreibung Up to 2 interns work together under the supervision of experienced scientists. They will work on robot controllers including simple machine learning algorithms. We expect the trainees to take initiative and come with their own ideas to test. The work done should be documented and evaluated in a rigorous setup.
The internship consists of 4 weeks in July July 8th to August 5th. During the first week, the trainees will get lectures on the internship topics and apply the learned concepts during the remaining time.

The Intelligent and Interactive Systems Group under the direction of Prof. Justus Piater aims at making robots perceive and act with an understand or their interaction with the environment. The group focuses on robot cognitive architectures, from computer vision to grasping and manipulation, using reactive algorithms and/or cognitive models. Related areas of interest include human-robot interaction, image and video analysis, and visual neuroscience.
Homepage:, contact: Erwan Renaudo, PhD
Postleitzahl 6020
Ort Innsbruck
Bundesland Tirol
Zeitrahmen 08.07.2019 bis 04.08.2019


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