CEDR Call 2017 Automation - Final Conference

Presentation and discussion of research results
- 15:30
virtual - zoom

This event will present the outputs of three research projects funded under CEDR Call 2017 Automation. Plenary sessions will introduce the projects while subsequent group discussions will allow participants to learn about the projects outputs in a more interactive setting and to think about implementation.

The aim of this research programme is to investigate what transformational change automation will create for National Road Authorities (NRA’s).   Specifically what new opportunities will automation produce and what core business changes are required to unlock these opportunities? 

This research will focus on crosscutting automation up to 2040 that supports:

1) Road safety 
2) Traffic efficiency 
3) Environment 
4) Customer service 

The three research projects will present their results at the conference:

i) MANTRA - Making full use of Automation for National road TRansport Authorities
ii) DIRIZON - Advanced options for authorities in the light of automation and digitalisation horizon 2040
iii) STAPLE - SiTe Automation Practical Learning

Draft Agenda:

9:00 Introduction to the Programme
9:30 presentation of Research results:
12:00 Lunch Break
13:00 Discussion in Break Out Sessions
15:00 Summing up and end of conference

The agenda will soon be available here.

Please register your attendance (presentation and/or discuccion) through the following link not later than November 3rd 12:00. 
Registrants will receive the zoom-link 2 days in advance of the conference.


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Dr. Christian Pecharda
Dr. Christian Pecharda
Programm Manager
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