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"Asset Management & Maintenance" and "Mobility & ITS"
How to get the payments?
  1. The coordinator submits the project description or progress report to the Programm Manager (FFG)
  2. FFG sends the report to the PEB; the PEB approves the report
  3. FFG asks the coordinator to submit the invoices:
    • Invoice has to include project number and project acronym
    • each partner addresses an invoice (incl. VAT) to FFG and sends it together with the ZSQU formular  to the coordinator
    • the coordinator submits the collection of invoices and ZSQU formulars to the FFG
  4. FFG releases the total payment to the coordinator
  5. The coordinator forwards the shares of the partners to them (as a flow-through entry)
The Austrian Research Promotion Agency, FFG (Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft mbH) is not eligible for input tax deduction and has no VAT Number, so there is no Reverse Charge mechanism in possible. VAT will be payed i fit is included in the proposal and invoices.
Each non-Austrian contractor has to provide a „Declaration by legal entities for the purpose of tax treaty relief at source“ according to Sec. 2 of the ordinance on DTC-relief, Federal Gazette III No. 92/2005 as amended in Federal Gazette II, No. 44/2006 and the Double Taxation Convention between Austria and the respective country. You find the ZSQU template here. The Certificate of residence (on page 2) has to be confirmed by the tax administration of the State of Residence.
Guideline for ZSQU completion:
III.a ) FFG Austrian Research Promotion Agency, Sensengasse 1, 1090 Vienna, AUSTRIA
III.b ) R&D Services after contract for project 850xyz ACRONYM (fill inyour project number and acronym)
III.c ) your total amount (see contract §4.1)
This way it is sufficient to submitt one ZSQU just with the first invoice. The ZSQU is still valid then for the further payments.
Page 1 is signed by your organisation.
Page 2 is signed by your tax administration.
Templates for "Asset Management & Maintenance"
Templates for "Mobility & ITS"


Call documents "Asset Management & Maintenance" and "Mobility & ITS"

Submissions on the templates provided should be made using the FFG eCall system. (eCall-Tutorial)
Guide for Applicants (GfA)
- Guide for Applicants (December 2014)
Description of Research Needs (DoRN)
- DoRN Mobility and ITS (December 2014)
Submission Forms
Research & Development Service Contract
- Draft R&D Service Contract (December 2014)


DI Dr. Christian PECHARDA
DI Dr. Christian PECHARDA
Programmleitung Mobilität
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