Funding rates in Horizon 2020

The simplification of funding rates is one of the key innovations in Horizon 2020. In most cases the principle of “one project = one rate” applies, i.e. the funding rate is the same for all project partners and activities.

A beneficiary receives a certain percentage of his/her total eligible costs, depending on the specific funding rate (see below).

The eligible costs of a Horizon 2020 action are made up of direct and indirect costs.

The direct costs such as personnel costs, travel costs or costs of goods and services, are directly linked to the project implementation. They are funded based on actual costs or at various fixed rates.

Indirect costs ("overheads"), however, such as office rent or operating costs, are not directly linked to the project but are nonetheless necessary for its implementation. These are funded at a flat rate of 25 percent of the direct eligible costs (minus certain costs, such as e.g. costs of subcontracting).

The funding rate for Research and Innovation Actions (RIA) and for Coordination and Support Actions (CSA) is 100 percent of the eligible costs for all types of organisation.

The funding rate for Innovation Actions (IA) depends on the legal status of the organisation. The rate is 70 percent for profit-making legal entities and 100 percent for non-profit legal entities. A “non-profit legal entity” means a legal entity, which by its legal form is non-profit-making or which has a legal or statutory obligation not to distribute profits.

Funding rates at a glance

Project type Direct costs (€) Indirect costs (€) Total costs (€) Funding rate Grant amount (€)
Research and Innovation Actions (RIA);

Coordination and Support Actions (CSA)
100,- 25,- 125,- 100 % 125,00

Innovation Actions (IA)

– regular rate

100,- 25,- 125,- 70 % 87,50

Innovation Actions (IA)

– rate for non-profit organisations

100,- 25,- 125,- 100 % 125,00

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