Accessibility Statement

The Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) is committed to making its Websites accessible, in accordance with the Web-Zugänglichkeits-Gesetz (WZG - BGBl. I. Nr. 59/2019 idgF).
This accessibility statement applies to, and

Compliance status

This website is partially compliant with Conformance Level AA of the “Web Content Accessibility Guidelines – WCAG 2.1“ and the applicable European standard according to Directive (EU) 2016/2102 of the European Parliament and of the Council, due to the non-compliances and the exemptions listed below.

Non-accessible content

The content listed below is non-accessible for the following reasons:

a. Non-compliance with the accessibility regulations

  • Success Criterion 1.1.1 (Non-text Content):
    Not all non-text-content has a suitable text alternative. In the job portal the salary range is ambiguously communicated to screen reader users.
  • Success Criterion 1.2.5 (Audio Description (Prerecorded)):
    Videos displayed on the website do not habe audio descriptions.
  • Success Criterion 1.3.1 (Info and Relationships):
    On some pages, heading hierarchy is not linear or it does not correspond with visually presented structure. Some lists are not annotated correctly as lists. Some labels are incorrectly assigned, missing or not accessible to screen readers.
  • Success Criterion 1.3.5 (Identify Input Purpose):
    There are no autocomplete attributes set on the „QuickCheck“-Page.
  • Success Criterion 1.4.4 (Resize text):
    Content overlaps on some pages when using browser zoom.
  • Success Criterion 1.4.5 (Images of Text):
    Some images are images of text without adequate alternative text.
  • Success Criterion 1.4.10 (Reflow):
    Some tables are not responsive and can lead to horizontal scrolling.
  • Success Criterion 2.1.1 (Keyboard):
    Some tiles cannot be used by keyboard, they are focusable but not activatable. The advanced search of the project database is not fully accessible by keyboard.
  • Success Criterion 2.4.1 (Bypass Blocks):
    Some skip links do not work.
  • Success Criterion 2.4.5 (Multiple Ways):
    The project database is missing a navigation alternative.
  • Success Criterion 2.4.7 (Focus Visible):
    Focus is barely visible on some elements of the page.
  • Success Criterion 3.1.2 (Language of Parts):
    The language of parts is not specified in some pages.
  • Success Criterion 3.3.2 (Labels or Instructions):
    When an empty search is conducted, no indication or suggestion is given.
  • Success Criterion 3.3.3 (Error Suggestion):
    No adequate error suggestion is provided in the „QuickCheck“ form and in the registration form of the job portal.
  • Success Criterion 4.1.1 (Parsing):
    Parsing errors exist on some pages.
  • Success Criterion 4.1.2 (Name, Role, Value):
    Some buttons are incorrectly labelled. Not all mandatory fields are labelled correctly in the job portal.
  • Success Criterion 4.1.3 (Status Messages):
    Status is sometimes not communicated, or poorly communicated.

PDF-Documents and Word-Documents are available to download, some of which are not fully accessible. Documents are continuously updated to conform to accessibility requirements. Should you need any document in accessible form, please contact the mail address given under “Service”.

b. The content is not within the scope of the applicable

  • Older contents are available to download. These contents (e.g. PDF-Documents) were released before 23. September 2018 and are exempt from the Web-Zugänglichkeits-Gesetz.
  • Videos without subtitles, audio description or text alternative are embedded in the website. These videos were released before 23. September 2020 and are exempt from the Web-Zugänglichkeits-Gesetz.
  • Archived contents are exempt from the Web-Zugänglichkeits-Gesetz.
  • Third party contents available on the website (e.g. presentation material) are also exempt from the Web-Zugänglichkeits-Gesetz.


Should you require accessible alternatives to the content on our website, please send an email to We will try to make the content available to you in an appropriate manner.

Preparation of this accessibility statement

This statement was prepared on 22.09.2020.

This statement was prepared based on a self-assessment carried out by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) and an assessment carried out by a third party.

The statement was last reviewed on 04.01.2024.

Feedback and contact information

If you discover deficiencies regarding compliance with the accessibility requirements or if you would like to obtain information about any content excluded from accessibility – please contact us by email:

Austrian Research Promotion Agency
Team Digital Accessibility

Our team will deal with your request internally and take the necessary steps.

Enforcement procedure

If the response from the above contact is not satisfactory, you may file a complaint with the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG). The FFG accepts complaints filed online via the electronic contact form.

Contact form for the complaints office

The FFG will examine whether the complaint relates to violations of the Web-Zugänglichkeits-Gesetz (WZG), particularly to failure on the part of the federal government or associated institutions to comply with the accessibility requirements If the complaint is justified, the FFG will make recommendations for action to the federal government or the legal entities concerned and propose measures designed to remedy the problem.

Further information on the enforcement procedure