The Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) is the national funding agency for industrial research and development in Austria.

FFG funding schemes play an important role in generating new knowledge, developing new products and services, and enhancing competitiveness in the global marketplace. They make it easier, or possible, to finance research and innovation projects, and help to absorb the risks involved in research. The FFG supports international networking and encourages careers in science.

Karin Tausz and Henrietta Egerth, Managing Directors of the FFG. Credit: Susanne Einzenberger

Credit: Susanne Einzenberger


„FFG is the Austrian ‚one-stop shop‘ for industrial research and development. Our aim is to strengthen domestic companies in global competition to assure jobs and wealth sustainably as well as to make a lasting contribution to the strength of the Austrian economy. As part of the Austrian innovation system, we help Austria´s business and science sectors to remain competitive both nationally and internationally. The skills and expertise of our employees enable us to provide high-quality research promotion services and achieve the highest degree of customer satisfaction."

Henrietta EGERTH and Karin TAUSZ, Managing Directors of the FFG