Current funding offer of the FFG

Here you will find an overview in alphabetical order of all programs and open calls, which are handled by the FFG.

Program Call (To: End date)
Austrian Space Applications Programme
Beyond Europe
BRIDGE – Funding, Guidelines
COIN – Cooperation and Innovation
COMET – Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies
COST - European Cooperation in Science and Technology
Early Stage - Funding, Guidelines
ECSEL – the Programme
Endowed professorship
European Technology Platforms
Feasibility Studies - Funding, Guidelines
Frontrunner - Funding, Guidelines
General Programme - Funding, Guidelines Emergency Call for research into COVID-19 in response to the Sars-CoV-2 outbreak
GIN goAustria - Funding, Guidelines
ICT of the Future
Impact Innovation – Funding, Guidelines Impact Innovation – ongoing call
Innovation Labs & Maker Spaces
Innovation Voucher - Funding, Guidelines
Joint Programming Initiatives
KIRAS – Security Research
KLON: Collective Research - Funding, Guidelines
KLON: General Programme - Funding, Guidelines
KLON: Spin-off Fellowships
KLON: Spin-off Fellowships
Markt.Start - Funding, Guidelines
Migriert: New Energies 2020
Migriert: Research Cooperation International Energy Agency – Energy Technology Network
Patent.Voucher - Funding, Guidelines
Production of the Future – the Calls
Projekt.Start - Funding, Guidelines
R&D Competences for Industry
R&D Infrastructure Funding
Research partnerships - Industrial PhD
Research Studios Austria – The Programme
Service Innovations - Funding, Guidelines
SME Funding Impact Innovation – ongoing call
Start-up - Funding, Guidelines
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