COMET Compentence Centers for Excellent Technologies – COMET Module

The Austrian competence centre programme – COMET Module

The new programme line COMET Module aims to establish promising/emerging fields of research and thus new fields of expertise to strengthen Austria’s position as a research location, preparing for future challenges. COMET Modules are characterised by research of especially high-risk. COMET Modules are thematically defined research areas which carry out excellent top-level research to open up new topics being way beyond the state-of-the-art.


Program Owner / Sponsor BMDW - Bundesministerium für Digitalisierung und Wirtschaftsstandort BMK - Bundesministerium für Klimaschutz, Umwelt, Energie, Mobilität, Innovation und Technologie
Aeronautics and Space, Bottom-up, Environment and energy, Further research areas, Human Resources, Information technology, Life Sciences, Material and manufacturing, Mobility and Transport, Security and Defense, Service innovation, Society
Funding instrument


The consortium has to consist of at least one scientific and five company partners.

Submission with a proposal process
Structural Programmes
Selection by Jury
What is being funded A maximum of 80% of the eligible costs can be funded.
Min. / max. funding 0 / max. 0.5 million €/year federal funding plus max 0.25 million €/year provincial funding
Eligible costs Fundable costs include personnel costs as well as other project-related direct costs (use of RDI infrastructure, third-party costs, travel expenses, material and equipment costs). Details concerning the fundable costs can be found in the programme document and the COMET guideline.
Min. / max. running time 48 - 48 months
Availability from 24.04.2018 - constantly

Specifications COMET Modules

Applicants: only existing COMET Centres (K1) are eligible for application 

Consortium: Min. one scientific partner and three company partners

Duration: 4 years 


  • 80% public funding
  • Min. 5% by scientific partners
  • Min. 15% by company partners
  • Max. federal funding: 0.5 million Euro/year 
  • Max. federal funding: 0.25 million Euro/year


Description of the target group:
The programme line COMET Module aims at existing COMET Centres (K1) as applicants, and their scientific and economic partners.


DI Reingard Repp
DI Reingard Repp

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Barbara Kunz
Barbara Kunz

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Mag. Nicole Firnberg
Mag. Nicole Firnberg

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