Digital Europe Programme


The "Digital Europe Programme", with a total budget of 7,59 billion euros, will help European society and businesses to make the most of the ongoing digital transformation. It will build digital capacities and infrastructures and support the goal of creating a digital single market. It will be implemented mainly through coordinated and strategic co-investment with Member States in the areas of advanced computing and data, artificial intelligence and cyber-security, their uptake and optimal use in the private and public sectors, and the promotion of advanced digital literacy.

  • Promote the development and deployment of High Performance Computing (HPC) in the EU and ensure that the technology can be widely used.
  • Development of core capacities in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), including data resources and libraries of algorithms and their use for all companies and public administrations.
  • Ensuring the capacity of the European cybersecurity industry for the digital economy, society and democracy.
  • Enabling the acquisition of advanced digital skills for current and future workers.
  • All enterprises, especially SMEs, will benefit from better use of digital capacities (especially in the fields of high performance computing, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity) and easier access to digital technology and know-how through Digital Innovation Centres (EDIH).



The essentials in brief

Program Owner / Sponsor EC - European Commission
Project type
Submission with a proposal process
Target group Actors from science and industry, infrastructure operators for digital services, public administrations and all European citizens
What is being funded Funding depends on the respective programme topic. Funding is provided in the form of grants, prizes and procurement, for example. There may be hybrid forms.
Min. / max. funding Depending on the respective programme theme. /
Min. / max. running time 0 months
Availability from 01.01.2021 - 31.12.2027


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Mag. Daniela HACKL
Mag. Daniela HACKL
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Patricia TRINKL MSc
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