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Management Board




Managing Director Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG

Henrietta Egerth studied commercial science at the University of Linz and then she worked for some years in Brussels. On her return to Vienna, she worked for the Federation of Austrian Industry before moving to the Ministry of Economics and Labour in 2000, where she was responsible for business promotion and research and development. Since 2004 Henrietta Egerth is General Manager of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG.



Managing Director Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG

Karin Tausz graduated from the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. She then held several positions as a strategist, manager and innovator with a focus on the mobility sector, including Head of Mobility Solutions at Magna Steyr and Program Manager Autonomous Vehicles & New Mobility at SBB AG. Most recently, she was Head of Corporate Development at ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG. Since 2023 Karin Tausz is General Manager of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG.

Photocredit: Susanne Einzenberger 



Supervisory Board


Gertrude TUMPEL-GUGERELL, former Member of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank

Deputy Chairman

Johann MARIHART, former CEO Agrana AG


Hannes BARDACH, Frequentis AG      
Ulrike DOMANY-FUNTAN, fit4internet      
Christian GRABNER, Knapp AG      
Martina MARA, University of Linz      
Rupert PICHLER, Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology     
Günter RÜBIG, Rübig GmbH & Co KG      
Christa SCHLAGER, Vienna Chamber of Labour      
Agnes STREISSLER-FÜHRER, Austrian Trade Union Federation

Members delegated by the staff council

Alexander KOSZ, FFG

Consultant members

(Sec. 6 Para 4 of the FFG Act)

Sonja PUNTSCHER RIEKMANN, Austrian Science Fund      
Sylvia SCHWAAG-SERGER, Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development



Management of FFG


Heads of Departments

General Programmes

Birgit TAUBER      
Phone +43 (0)5 7755 - 1001

Structural Programmes

Silvia LAIMGRUBER      
Phone +43 (0)5 7755 - 2001

Thematic Programmes 

Emmanuel GLENCK      
Phone +43 (0)5 7755 - 5001

European and International Programmes

Margit NOLL      
Phone +43 (0)5 7755 - 4001

Aeronautics and Space Agency

Andreas GEISLER      
Phone +43 (0)5 7755 - 3001

Project Controlling and Audit

Andreas HERRMANN      
Phone +43 (0)5 7755 - 6070

Operations Management

Andreas WILDBERGER      
Phone +43 (0)5 7755 - 7101

Heads of Staff Units

Strategy Unit, Data Analysis and Business Development

Michael BINDER      
Phone +43 (0)5 7755 - 7010

Research and Development Allowance

Claudia HOFMANN-TUREK      
Phone +43 (0)5 7755 - 7050

Heads of Central Service Units

Legal Department

Christian HOPP      
Phone +43 (0)5 7755 - 6030

Corporate Finances

Robert STANGL      
Phone +43 (0)5 7755 - 6040

Human Resources and Facility Management

Heidrun SCHÖFNAGEL      
Phone +43 (0)5 7755 - 6020

Public Relations

Christoph MANDL      
Phone +43 (0)5 7755 - 6010



Advisory Committees

Advisory Committee for the General Programmes

The FFG Management has established an Advisory Committee for the General Programmes in agreement with the Supervisory Board and in accordance with the FFG Act. The members are nominated by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, the Federal Chamber of Labour, the Austrian Trade Union Federation and the Chamber of Agriculture in accordance with the Committee’s rules of procedure. Special emphasis is placed on choosing members with specialist knowledge in economics, business management and technology from different industrial and technological fields.

The Committee advises on the funding of individual projects submitted to the General Programmes, Bridge, Headquarter and High Tech Start-ups. It also advises the management in the following matters: issuing of guidelines, managing the General Programmes, preparing the annual work programme and multi-year programme, further development of the funding instruments, and defining key funding areas.


Advisory Committee of the Aeronautics and Space Agency

The Advisory Committee of the Aeronautics and Space Agency was established with the specific goal of supporting the FFG in strategy development in the aerospace sector.

Aerospace is a high-tech field requiring strong public commitment. The FFG Advisory Committee of the Aeronautics and Space Agency is placed at the interface with the relevant ministry and acts as a major driving force and multiplier to define framework conditions and make recommendations. It serves as a platform for consultations and suggestions as to the strategic orientation of the aerospace activities both to the FFG Management and the Head of the Aeronautics and Space Agency. Working groups have been established to develop recommendations for supporting Austrian participation in ESA programmes. The Advisory Committee also serves as the discussion forum for the FFG’s contribution to the Austrian aeronautics research, innovation and technology strategy of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT), for the national Take-Off Programme and Austrian participation in the 7th EU Framework Programme.



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