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The Austrian Performance Monitor

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Statistics and Analyses of Austrian participation in EU research programmes

This EU Performance Monitoring tool is designed to collect, analyse and communicate data about the participation of Austrian organisations (primarily companies, research and academic institutions) in EU programmes for research and innovation. It provides data, statistics, reports and analyses informing the public about the achievements of Austrian researchers, companies and institutes in the relevant EU programmes. Austrian ministries, intermediary organisations, delegates, research managers and other stakeholders are also supported in their work through up-to-date statistics and detailed analyses. 
These data and analyses enable:

  • continuous monitoring of Austrian performance in the EU research programmes
  • comparisons with other countries (international position)
  • comparisons between Austrian provinces
  • analysis of strengths and weaknesses (e.g. according to topics, organisations, sectors)
  • support in strategy and policy decisions

EU Performance Monitoring for RTI is carried out on behalf of the Federal Government, represented by:


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