Your trust is our most important asset

The FFG has established itself as a trusted institution over the years. External and internal monitoring mechanisms help us maintain a high standard of quality. The FFG provides a secure and anonymous whistleblower system for use in the event of suspected misconduct.

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The Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) is regularly audited and evaluated according to a strict set of criteria – by its owners, the Supervisory Board, auditors, external institutes and the Austrian Court of Audit. We are proud to say that all audits to date have attested to the quality of the FFG.
However, should there be any suspicion of potential misconduct, or if you become aware of incidents not consistent with our strict code of conduct, you can let us know here.

The information you provide

  • will be registered by a highly secure and certified system, which is independent of the FFG and also used by the Austrian judicial system.
  • will be transferred to the FFG Compliance Officer and their deputy who will treat the information in the strictest confidence.

You can submit your information

  • completely anonymously,
  • and – if you wish – set up a secured mailbox with anonymous access in order to communicate with us directly.

The whistleblower system can be used to submit information both from within the FFG and externally.



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