COST - European Cooperation in Science and Technology

Support for Research Initiatives in Europe and Beyond

Alongside Horizon Europe COST is one of the most important pillars promoting research cooperation across Europe and beyond. It thus forms an important cornerstone of the European Research Area. COST Actions support thematic networks and facilitate the mutual exchange of ideas. It contributes to an improved coordination of research activities as well as the dissemination of relevant results. COST also provides a valuable opportunity to involve Young Researchers and Investigators in these thematic networks and contributes towards their training and education through tailored activities.

Establishing and supporting networks
COST helps to create networks and thus bundles nationally-financed research initiatives in so-called COST Actions. These Actions provide funding for scientific events (e.g. workshops, training schools and conferences), cover relevant travel expenses (Short-Term Scientific Missions, Management Committee meetings etc.) and fund publications. COST does not fund research itself but enables experts (from science and industry) from all over Europe and the World to collaborate. The strong involvement of Young Researchers, Investigators and experts from so-called Inclusiveness Target Countries as well as gender balance are of key concern under COST.

COST follows a buttom-up approach. COST Actions may cover all scientific fields and take intersectoral and interdisciplinary composition into account.

How can I participate?
COST invites experts to submit project proposals through a continuous Open Call with an annual Collectoin Date per year, usually in autum. Following evaluation of these proposals, approximately 60 new COST Actions are funded.

Experts have also the opportunity to join running COST Actions (Working Groups, Short Term Secientific Missions, Workshops etc.). Furthermore, each member country may nomitate up to two experts as national representatives into the Management Committee of an Action -> find open positions. Please apply via the FFG eCall.

Moreover, experts from all scientific fields are invited to participate as evaluators for COST Action proposals. For more information please refer to the COST Association.

The essentials in brief

Program Owner / Sponsor COST EC - European Commission
Project type
Target group Who can participate? COST is open to all experts across all fields of science and technology. An important requirement for funding is a nationally-financed research initiative (such as contract research, funding from research promotion funds, private funding by companies, equity funding and/or any other funding). A total of 36 European countries (including all 28 EU Member States) and one Cooperating State (Israel) currently participate in COST. The programme also supports cooperation with research institutions from so-called Near Neighbour Countries and International Partner Countries.
What is being funded n.a.
Min. / max. running time 48 - 48 months
Availability from 01.01.1971 - constantly


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