Innovation Labs for Education

The Innovation Labs for Education programme is an initiative of the Innovation Foundation for Education (ISB). It aims to establish and expand a testing and development environment designed to translate innovative teaching and learning methods, concepts and technologies into educational formats with a focus on users and target groups. Innovation labs provide open access to both intellectual and physical infrastructure, thus creating a perfect environment for networking, research, knowledge transfer and innovation in the educational sector.

By promoting the establishment and operation of Innovation Labs for Education, the programme aims to create an open, non-discriminatory environment for innovation projects in the educational sector in order to:

  • bundle innovation activities in the educational sector involving all relevant stakeholders,
  • increase the innovation competence of teachers and students involved in the testing of new teaching and learning methods, concepts and technologies,
  • bring about structural and sustainable change in the educational offer,
  • create interactive testing and development environments for generating new questions and innovation projects,
  • promote the establishment and expansion of innovation expertise and knowledge exchange, and to
  • exploit both regional and national synergies.


The essentials in brief

Program Owner / Sponsor Innovationsstiftung Bildung
Project type
Submission with a proposal process
Target group Funding is provided to the operating organisation of the Innovation Lab for Education. A company in process of formation may submit an application, provided it has legal personality and may thus act as a contracting party by the latest at the time the funding contract is concluded. Institutions carrying out non-economic activities in the fields of research and knowledge dissemination are eligible for funding: universities, universities of applied sciences, non-university research institutions, technology transfer institutions, innovation intermediaries and other research-oriented organisations such as associations with a relevant purpose, other institutions as part of their non-economic activities (local authorities, autonomous bodies, other non-profit making organisations).
What is being funded Funding is available for the establishment and operation of Innovation Labs for Education, which offer testing and development environments for pioneering projects in the educational sector. The Innovation Labs are designed to test innovative teaching and learning methods, concepts and technologies together with the target groups.
Min. / max. funding Euro 250.000 / Euro 500.000
Which costs are eligible for funding? Funding is provided for all direct costs incurred by the operating organisation in connection with the establishment and operation of the Innovation Lab for Education. Allowances for overheads are thus not eligible for funding. Since all direct costs can be charged (e.g. including personnel costs for payroll accounting, acquisition costs and/or pro-rata use of existing office infrastructure, office materials etc.), the charging of overhead costs (full costing) is obsolete.
Min. / max. running time 36 - 48 months
Availability from 22.06.2020 - 24.02.2021


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Dr. Katrin WLCEK
Dr. Katrin WLCEK
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