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The Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) supports people in research and development throughout their whole career. There are three main targets: Encouraging young people to start a career in research and development, connecting researchers with businesses and ensuring equal opportunities for all.
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Target group SME, Large enterprises, Universities, Universities of applied sciences, Competence centres, Research facilities, Single researchers, Start-up, Jugendliche
Topic Information technology, Human resources, Life sciences, Materials and production, Mobility, Security, Environment and energy, Further issues, Space
Type of service Funding
Förderinstrument C3 I Einzelprojekt - Industrielle Forschung, C4 E-I Kooperationsprojekt experimentelle Entwicklung / industrielle Forschung, C11 S Karriere-Check, C12 S Praktikum/SchülerInnen, C12 M Praktikum/Studentinnen, C13 Grants, C14 Netzwerk-Forschung-Schule
FFG Unit of organisation Structural programmes
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Innovation needs talent

Austria is rich in talents; people are the foundation of tomorrow’s knowledge-based society. Therefore, the BMVIT strongly supports people in research and developement: The discovery, support and development of young talents focuses on students. But established researchers are supported as well to make the most of their talents. In addition, projects which ensure equality for men and women in research are funded.
Through this talent portfolio the BMVIT creates an attractive framework for researchers and supports Austria´s talents.

Talents – the programme

Young Talents

Talents internships for students aim to encourage girls and boys to follow natural sciences, engineering and technology. Students can do an internship in various companies and scientific research institutions for four weeks during the summer. Each internship is funded with 1,000 EUR.
Talents Regional offers incentives to foster cooperation between schools and research institutes in a certain region, in order to interest children and adolescents in science and technology, reseach and development. The duration of the projects is between 24 and 36 months. The funding is up to 130,000 EUR per project.

Female Talents

Small and medium-sized enterprises are funded in order to analyse the current situation within the company concerning equal opportunities for women and men. This is done with the support of external gender experts. A gender analysis is carried out from which concrete measures have to be derived.

FEMtech Career aims to increase the number of female scientists employed in industrial research and to improve their career opportunities. Companies and research institutions recieve funding to implement measures which:

  • Attract women to careers in applied research
  • Lead to equal opportunities for women and men (affirmative action plans, flexible working hours, etc.)
  • Increase the proportion of female scientists and engineers in the company or research instiute
  • Support female scientists and engineers in their professional careers (coaching, mentoring, further education and training, etc.)
FEMtech Internships for Female Students supports and mentors female students to take up scientific and engineering positions in industry in order to meet the future demand for researchers and R&D experts. The internship lasts one to six months. 
FEMtech Research Projects initiates and supports projects in research, technology and innovation that deal with the different needs and requirements of men and women. By considering the relevance of gender within the project, innovations are supported and new market potential is generated. Scientists should be more aware of the gender issue when developing and carrying out research projects, to improve the quality and capability of solutions, products and technologies to meet the needs of all customers.

Professional Talents