Collective Research - Funding, Guidelines

Funding of cooperative research projects (sector projects)

The funding of cooperative research projects (sector projects) in Collective Research supports pre-competitive research projects which do not include any directly exploitable product and process or service developments. The funding level is max. up to 65 % of total eligible projects costs. Submission is possible at any time and funding is carried out by non-repayable subsidies.

Collective Research stands for cooperative research projects for whose results are made available to the industry and is open to all topics.

The essentials in brief

Program Owner / Sponsor FFG - Austrian Research Promotion Agency BMK - Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology
Project type
Submission possible anytime
Target group In Collective Research, ​​interest groups or non-university research institutions are invited, together with a so-called User Committee consisting of at least three companies from the industry sector, to submit their cooperative applications for funding.
Selection by Evaluations are conducted by experts of the FFG. The evaluation is carried out throughout the General Programme scoreboard and some additonal guidelines for Collective Research funding.
What is being funded The funding level is max. up to 65 % of total eligible projects costs (non-repayable subsidies).
Min. / max. funding 0 / max. € 325,000 per project year /
Which costs are eligible for funding? Information on the eligible costs is available in the guidelines for Collective Research and in the current version of the FFG Cost Guide.
Min. / max. running time 12 - 12 months
Availability from 01.04.2020 - constantly


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Elisabeth BERG
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