General Programmes unit

The FFG's General Programmes unit strengthen the competitiveness of the companies based in Austria. They offer tailored funding for each project phase. It offers coordinated funding for every project phase - from the first idea to a concrete research project as well as market introduction. They are open to all research topics and continuously available - whether they are traditional or very current technology fields (e.g. green production, digitization, environment, energy). Companies of all sizes (including startups) can submit project applications on an ongoing basis. The application is evaluated technically and economically by FFG experts, and funding decisions are made several times a year.

Funding for R&D entry (entry, planning and preparation)

Take a first step by exploring research and development topics or innovation options and first steps in preparation for a project

Funding for R&D projects (experimental developement, industriell research)

Realize your specific research project with the current funding offer (also in cooperation with companies or scientific partners)



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Elisabeth Gruber
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