General Programmes

With its wide range of funding options for research and development, the FFG General Programmes strengthen the competitiveness of companies based in Austria. They offer tailored funding for each project phase: The right funding is available for every project phase and size - from an initial project start, to the actual company project (experimental development or industrial research, cooperation possible) as well as initial routes to the market. The cooperation between science and industry is additionally supported by the own program BRIDGE. R & D projects by Start-up companies and Frontrunner companies as well as the promotion of Service Innovations (Smart and Digital Services) are also major funding priorities in the General Programmes of the FFG. The SME package shows the structured way to R & D activities for small and medium-sized enterprises.
Funding Instrument Background



General Programme

open to all branches of industry and research topics and eligible to companies and projects of all sizes. Partners are not required

The focus is also supporting Startups, bei Service Innovations, für high-risk projects in Early Stage, regional funding of competence in EFREtop (German only) and branch projects in Collective Research

SME funding

The SME grants open the roadmap to an innovative company: Innovation Voucher, Patent Voucher, Projekt.Start

as well as Small Scale ProjectGeneral Programme or Early Stage and followed by Markt.Start


The Frontrunner funding offers funding to companies with frontrunner-strategies within their fields of R&D to reach or enlarge leading market position (hidden champions)


The FFG’s BRIDGE Programme aims to close the "funding gap” between basic and applied research
Bundesländerkooperationen (German only)

Contractual cooperation between the federal and state governments

EFREtop (German only)

Regional funding of competence by Structural Funds periode 2014-2020

Bauforschung (German only) Initiative for Construction Industry  (2018-2020)
Verpackung (German only) Initiative Packaging Industry (2019-2021)
Impact Innovation  
Impact Innovation (translation asap) Explore unresolved issues affecting affected groups

International project participation

Global Incubator Network (GIN), EUREKA/EurostarsCORNET II (ERA-NET-Intiative)


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