SME Funding

The path to structured R&D activities

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play a central role in Austria's economy. In order to facilitate the entry into a continuous research and development activity and to raise the quality of the research projects, the FFG bundles coordinated SME subsidies. For SMEs, appropriate funding is available for each phase (parallel funding excluded). With the various subsidy models and non-repayable grants from 6,000 Euros (eg Projekt.Start), grants from 10,000 Euros (eg Innovation Voucher, Patent.Voucher) to max. 90,000 Euros (eg Small Scale Project), the FFG makes it easier for SMEs to get into research and development. The core objective of the SME funding is a subsequent, concrete research and development project in the company (eg General Programme and Small Scale Project). SME Hotline: 05 7755-5000.

Give your innovation idea increased chances in planning and implementation an kick-off. Speed up your market transition with FFG's bottom-up funding. There are options for every phase of your research and development activities. Often, a combination of customized funding offers is useful to implement innovative and competitive activities or problem solutions.

In the bottom-up funding approach is the funding of research and development projects of companies without restriction to specific topics and technology fields. The project goal is a functioning product, process or service. Exploitation and potential market prospects play an important role in the funding decision.

For example: Choose Projekt.Start to prepare for the application for a General Programme-project and then optionally use a Markt.Start loan as a SE-startup to transition your products or services to the market (look up figure below). The Small Scale-project is designed for smaller project volumes and with FrontrunnerMicroelectronics2Market and Life Sciences the focus is on climate and environmental protection and digitalization in healthcare, medical devices to drug development. Impact Innovation promotes the use of innovation methods to solve an (unsolved) problem.

The essentials in brief

Program Owner / Sponsor FFG - Austrian Research Promotion Agency
Project type
Target group SME, Startups
Selection by Evaluations are conducted by internal experts of the FFG.
What is being funded The right funding is available for every project phase and size - from brainstorming and a feasibility study, through an initial project start, to the ompany project (experimental development or industrial research, cooperation possible) as well as initial routes to the market.
Min. / max. funding look up the several guidelines /
Min. / max. running time 0 - 12 months
Availability from 01.01.2015 - constantly


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